We are open to receive help.

As a non-profit organisation that has a mission to education millions across the planet, no matter what their background is, we need a team and funding to do that.

It may look like there is a team working on this on a daily basis but we currently have (at the time of writing this) $5 a month in funding (click here to see if this has updated).

The running costs of the site for the email marketing software, server costs, run into the hundreds of dollars a month alone. Yet, we have so much more to do.

You may be able to help the mission with your time.

Can you do any of the following?

  • Help us with SEO? (Are you an expert in this with 5+ years of results)
  • Transcribe a video or a podcast?
  • Translate an article or transcript to another language at a native level? We are looking for Spanish first but will consider other options.
  • Help us with social media marketing?
  • Help us with website development and analytics so that students have the best experience and that we can continue funding and growing the business?
  • Financial planning for a non profit?
  • Viral marketing?
  • A designer to design t-shirts and posters to sell on the site?

Or perhaps you can think of another way to help us. Please email us here.

As you can see by our funding levels here – we don’t have the money to pay you for any of the above at the moment, so you will be donating your time (thank YOU).

Thanks so much. Even if you can afford $1 a month on our donation page, that would help a lot!

Click here to visit our Patreon donation page.