Build A Foundation Of Self Love with Ruby May

In this part of the course we dive deep into self love with Ruby May. Please follow the videos in the sequence that they are in.

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An Introduction To Ruby May

An introduction to Ruby May. Go here for the next video about self love

What Is Self Love?

“The practice of Self Love is to know oneself intimately through presence and to embrace oneself in one’s entirety.” Ruby May Answer these questions in the comments: What is Love to you? How can you improve the relationship with yourself? How can you make more time to be present with yourself and really feel what […]

How To Accept Yourself

Can you really judge yourself? Who are you to say that some part of you is not good enough? Is a tortoise annoyed that it is too slow? What are some ways you are accepting yourself that you can share with others? It’s Time To Take Action! Get into nature for inspiration. Send a love […]

The Struggle With Self Love

How do you see the relationship with consumerism and Self Love? It’s Time To Take Action! Be honest as to where you are at when you are with a friend, family member, or partner. Be prepared to truthfully hear where someone else is at. Use and change all the advertising you see on the Internet to […]

Self Love & Your Body

How much do you listen to your body? How good are you at feeling your emotions? Do you give yourself space to feel? How do you look outside your self to get validation? Through social media? Do you push your partner away? What else do you do? Are you giving your self the Love you […]

Self Love & Your Sexuality

How does self love, self acceptance and body image relate to your sexuality? Quite a lot! It’s important to love and accept yourself before being sexual. What is your motivation for self pleasure? Is it an act of Self Love? Guys: Ejaculation. Are you addicted to it? Have you tried stopping for a month or […]

A Self Love Meditation

Enjoy this self love meditation with Ruby May. Ritual is an act with intention. It is a powerful mode of connecting with yourself. What Self Love ritual will you create? What are you most grateful right now in your life? (ask this daily) What you most excited about right now in your life? (ask this […]