Sacred Sexuality with Triambika Ma Vive, Shashi Solluna, David Bruce Leonard, Rachel Rickards, and Buster Rådvik

In this part of the course we cover some of the most important topics when it comes to sacred sexuality.

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An Introduction To Triambika Ma Vive

In this video, we meet Triambika Ma Vive and she introduces us to this section on Sacred Sexuality and why it is so important that we study this subject.

How To Have More Sex

If we want to have more conscious, enlightened sex then we must have more of it! If you wait for desire, you will wait for a really long time. Start with an intention to have more sex. Know that is healthy for the relationship and your body. Don’t wait until the late evening, the time […]

The Power of Appreciation

For more sex… criticism HAS TO STOP, appreciation HAS TO START. Express what you appreciate about your partner and how specifically they made you feel. What do they bring into your life? Remember the sandwich request: Make a compliment either side of the request of what you want.

How To Build Anticipation

Get creative with ways to continue being flirtatious and sexual, do not rely on the other to do it. You must create it. State what you see: Comment on how his/her ass looks, how their body feels, how sexy you find them. Committing to do this just once during each day can dramatically change your […]

How To Open Up Your Energy Body

Aligning your energies is really important. Slow down. Make eye contact. Breathe deeply and slowly. It is in this place is the heart that you share; it is the heart of the relationship. The art of ‘not’ kissing is an incredible way to build anticipation. If you have unresolved issues between you both, make the […]

How To Create The Mood For Sex

Women often have many other things on their mind other than sex. This is not often the case with men. Men: Offer support with the tasks to create space for sex. Women: Notice your sensations more when your mind wanders. Drop goals and expectations around penetration and ejaculation. Ask yourself… how can I stoke the […]

Sexual Performance For Men

In this video we speak to Triambika about how an erection doesn’t necessarily mean good sex. You can still experience (giving and receiving) pleasure with no erection. It’s totally fine to say to your partner, “I really wish my penis was working properly right now.” Your partner can support with compassion, “how can I support […]

How To Cultivate Your Sexual Energy

A woman’s sexual energy depends on her connection with her body. A woman needs to be ‘in her body’ to experience to her sexual energy. A woman may go ‘out of her body’ due to insecurities. Regular exercise can bring a woman into her body. This could be fitness, yoga, or dance. The emotional body […]

A Path To Sacred Sex

In this video we speak to expert, David Bruce Leonard about how we can create a path to sacred sexuality.

What Is Sacred Sexuality?

Shashi Solluna gives us the overview of what Sacred Sexuality actually is.

How Sacred Sexuality Is Healing

In this video Shashi Solluna discusses how sacred sexuality can be healing and gives us the reasons to make it a priority in our lives.

Tools For Sacred Sexuality

In this video Shashi Solluna gives us the fundamental tools that we need to practice Sacred Sexuality.

The Power Of Intention

In this video Shashi Solluna speaks to us about the power of intention before coming together with your partner and what that can do for your sex life.

The Power of Presence

In this video we speak to Shashi Solluna about the power of presence and why presence is probably the most important thing when it comes to brining the sacred into the bedroom.

The Power Of Orgasm

In this video we speak to Shashi Solluna about the power of orgasm and how it can be incredibly healing.

What Is Soul Sex?

In this video we speak to Buster Rådvik and Rachel Rickards about what is soul sex and how we can get to that place to have it.

How To Have A Conscious Threesome

In this video we speak to Buster Rådvik and Rachel Rickards about how to create a conscious threesome. Find out how to communicate to your lovers and realise it does not have to look like a porn shoot.

Differences In Our Sexuality

In this video we speak to David Bruce Leonard about differences between the masculine and feminine when it comes to sexuality.

Creating With Eros

In this video we speak to Rachel Rickards and Buster Rådvik about how we can create our lives with our sexual (eros) energy. What kind of life would you like to create?

Differences In Desire

In this video we speak to Rachel Rickards about what to do when we meet a partner who has different levels of sexual or sensual desire than us.