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These are products & services we love!


At ULS, we have high standards. There are some great products and services out there that we recommend:

Free Conscious Language Course - We have done this course and bought other products by Robert Tennyson Stevens and we HIGHLY recommend them for life changing expansion of how you use conscious language for yourself and how you communicate with others.

Gene Keys - Offer a combination of new & ancient wisdom to apply immediately to change your life 

Gaia - We really love the content from Dr Joe Dispenza (we have experienced his workshops) and the excellent quality of yoga content on Gaia. Some of their content is 'out there' but the yoga and Dr Joe make them worth checking out!

The New Earth Project - The New Earth Project combines a university with real ground based projects in Bali and the USA. They have a life enhancing education and we highly recommend checking them out. 



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