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Our Teachers For The Re-Birth Process

In our ReBirth Process, we have brought together 12 of the best experts from across the world to guide you through it. Meet them here!


Shashi Solluna

Sacred sexuality is a multi-faceted path that answers questions using ancient time-tested wisdom. Shashi combines the paths of Taoism and tantra. Even though tantric texts date back thousands of years, and Taoism’s wisdom seems as old as the mountains… there are maps of reality here that can help you to navigate along life’s path with joy, ease and grace.

She chose these paths is because they accept desire, passion, love and life and use them as pathways of awakening. Shashi spent so long with a burning spiritual yearning within her, trying to escape life to fulfil it! Then she found Tao and Tantra and discovered the meeting of apparent opposites. Not only the meeting but a divine union!

If you feel any sense of conflict or contradiction in your life, then these pathways may be for you. They offer a sense of resolution, and not only resolving a conflict but taking us deeper into bliss! The bliss of our true nature!

Shashi’s Testimonials

“Shashi is like an embodiment of the Divine Mother Earth. As a teacher, she is very supportive, experienced, knowledgeable and joyful. As a woman, very charming, juicy, caring and compassionate!” – Shizuka, Japan

“I have been so blessed to have been on a tantra course with Shashi at the beginning of this year…it was not planned but it turned out to be the best gift I ever gave to myself! It changed my life as a man and the way I relate to women.” – Johnny, France

“I recently attended Shashi’s workshop. Not only did I have a brilliant time as Shashi’s natural ‘joie de vivre’ is contagious, but I learned, healed and integrated at a phenomenal rate in those 3 weeks. The depth of knowledge, wisdom and integrity that she transmits is truly impressive. I came away feeling inspired and empowered like never before. Thank you !!!” – Marian, UK

Triambika Ma Vive

Triambika is an internationally recognized seminar leader, professional sex and conscious intimacy coach and the founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute.

She has guided thousands of men and women to empower their sexuality, by helping them to release shame, gain confidence, learn to have extraordinary sex, experience exceptional stamina and create healthier relationships.

Her powerful work with singles and couples have been featured on the Playboy channel, and as the lead host and MC for the International Sex and Consciousness Conferences.

Triambika brings her depth, intuition, passion and magnetism to her work. Harnessing her extensive training and practice with Tantra, non-dual spirituality, masculine and feminine dynamics, she helps her clients to reach authentic sexual freedom and to form fulfilling relationships that support the highest expression of who they are.

Triambika’s Testimonials

“Working with the extraordinary teacher Triambika has enabled me to bring the spiritual and sexual parts of myself into alignment. Triambika creates a safe and supportive environment in which she offers coaching and learning through loving presence and intuitive instruction. She is a master teacher and practitioner of tantric and yogic practices who embodies deep wisdom that is expressed in all aspects of her work connecting the sacred and sexual in wild and wonderful ways”. – Victor B. Boston, MA

“From Head to Heart – Tri helped me take the conversations in my head and showed me how to live them from my heart. Learning how to connect with another where I literally feel their presence/energy in my body. She taught me it’s okay to trust, love and connect with another even after a failed relationship and it’s actually necessary to help the healing process. I will always be grateful for her and I’m in a much better place since our paths have crossed”. – Kevin W.

JP Sears

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, international teacher, world traveller, and a curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. JP presents classes, workshops, online seminars, and leads retreats at numerous locations around the world on inner healing and growth. He is also very active on his Youtube channel, where he encourages healing and growth through his entertainingly informative and inspiring videos. His videos have accumulated well over 500 million views.

JP holds certification as a Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner through the Holistic Coaching Institute in Columbus, OH.

In JP’s section, he will teach you how to have better communication. Such a crucial aspect of relating in every single relationship you have!

JP’s Testimonials

“JP has given me the gift of internal reflection which allows me to see things clearly and through loving eyes. My experience through working with JP is that he is caring, sensitive, insightful and genuine.” – David, UK

“There is one word that sums up all that is JP Sears and that word is “Grace”. I have never known someone as intuitive and gentle as JP Sears. In all the times I have interacted with him he has never passed judgment on anyone. He is forgiving, loving, caring, empathetic and genuinely one powerful human being.” – Kris, New Jersey

Araminta Barbour

Founder of The Sanctuary in Guatemala, Araminta Barbour is an International Schools of Temple Arts (ISTA) faculty member and a teacher with the Institute of Conscious Sensuality in Hawaii.

She has a Master’s Degree in Indian Religions from the University of London (SOAS), and has over 15 years exploring numerous holistic health modalities and esoteric traditions.

Araminta’s core passion is the process of radical self-acceptance – the inner marriage of love with power. She is here to support the return of ancient temple wisdom and practices for humanity’s evolution as liberated, heart-centred creators.

Araminta’s Testimonials…

“Araminta Barbour embodies the strength, wisdom and compassion of a true healer and guide. I was able to let my physical, emotional and energetic defences down with her which allowed the most profound releases and shifts within me to occur that I have ever experienced. She is not only skilled in practices which allow for deep body/energy/heart trauma to release, her presence, love and intuitive awareness at every moment is something I have never experienced with another practitioner. Araminta not only walks her talk, but she also lives and embodies the healing that she is able to hold space and guide others to find within themselves.” – KA, USA

“Araminta is a truthseeker, both in regard to herself and others. She is deeply inquisitive as to her own actions and motives and those of others. Araminta has an open, compassionate and non-judgmental presence. She really sees others and cares deeply about their journey. Araminta has many gifts and much wisdom to share, which she has developed through living her own life as a very real human being. I have attended a number of events where Araminta has been a facilitator and space-holder. She fulfils this role with ease, presence and fun. She can be serious and silly when appropriate and creates a safe space for others to step into their fear, power, sexual self, emotions, child and shadow.” – Elaine, UK

Ruby May

Ruby May is a truth-seeking, edge-dwelling and earth-loving creative visionary whose international workshops and rituals weave her passion for play, embodiment and authenticity with her Love for creating magical and transformative spaces.

Since she was very small, she has always been committed to exploring layers of Truth, and the discernment between this and conditioning around her. Sexuality was a powerful catalyst and gateway into much insight and wisdom and she was drawn into the emerging field of conscious sexuality for ten years, using her own healing to support others in letting go of their shame, developing self-compassion, connecting to and experiencing deeper aspects of our core and connection to life. She is so excited to share this Self Love journey with you!

Ruby’s Testimonials…

“Wow. Wow. Wow. Such an indescribably beautiful and powerful (and fun!!!) experience. What a precious gift you are Ruby May. Such an honor to witness you lovingly encourage and hold space for each person to embrace themselves as their own precious gift. Truly extraordinary“ – Justine Speed, Byron Bay

“All my chakras have aligned, my heart has burst open like a ripe peach. This has been a remarkably quick but deep journey through resistance, old prejudices and isolation. At 61, I have opened to more aliveness, joy and potential.” – Avalyn

Chantelle Raven

Chantelle Boscarello BA (Hons) in Anthroposophy from Perth, Australia takes us through this piece. Chantelle is a Sacred Sexual Healer & Transformational Guide, international speaker, facilitator and writer.

Chantelle’s extensive experience in Tantra allows her to effectively guide seekers to a place of awakening. As an accomplished and gifted sexual shaman, Chantelle works with passion, joy, wisdom and a deep reverence for the Earth.

In her module, she will give you an extensive list of tools to give you emotional mastery. We all have an emotional bank account and if there is nothing in that bank account it will affect all parts of our life… our financial life… our sex life… and all our relationships. It’s time to get a bigger emotional bank account!

Chantelle’s Testimonials…

“After so many years of going through this stuff, I finally feel that I’ll be able to “rewire” my neural pathways and will see change. Getting back to freedom – that inner child’s play and joy is my aim… You helped me know that I deserve that. It is my path” – Anon

“You took me by the hand and helped me see what wonderful gifts our World has to offer. Bring it on brave new World! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom, empathy and generous spirit. Thank you for an extraordinary shamanic journey!” – Anon

Rick Gabrielly

Rick Gabrielly is a passionate husband, father and entrepreneur. His programs help people around the world uncover, cultivate and celebrate unconditional love for themselves and their partners.

Through his legendary one-on-one mentoring, top-selling books, a hit podcast, his YouTube channel, as a contributor to The Good Men Project, Rick’s work results in more vibrant relationships, stronger families and businesses that matter.

Rick is the physical embodiment of unconditional love. Just hearing him speak, or spending time with him will change the way you feel the world. He is a great gift to this university.

Rick's Testimonials...

“Rick is the kind of man you will spend your whole life loving. He gives effortlessly and his heart is so open you can’t help but receive his big, big love. What is even more powerful is that he embodies all that he teaches – living love in his life with his work, his family and his intimate relationship. He has helped me tremendously in reminding me of my truth and bringing me back to LOVE!” – Catherine Hummel, Boston, MA

“Rick Gabrielly, is the KING of unconditional love. I’m lucky enough to learn from Rick AND collaborate with him and I haven’t found a bigger supporter of people in general, no matter where I’ve looked. This man is simply a vessel of unconditional love. He’s got the heart, soul, passion, devotion and commitment to help anyone be a better person — because of his heart and care alone. Rick has lifted me up to be a better person, more passionate about my work on love and more excited to be an even greater force of unconditional love myself. ” – Jenev Caddell, Nashua, NH

Vanessa Petronelli

For the past six years, Vanessa Petronelli has helped hundreds of people powerfully transform their love lives. Whether through intensive one-on-one work or live events, she turns people’s pain and confusion into joy and success. A former yoga teacher, model, actress and pop singer, Vanessa infuses her personal and spiritual wisdom into her writing, teaching and speaking.

In her module, she will teach you about how to create that vision whether you are single or partnered. This is so crucial in today’s world. Things change all the time and to have the self-awareness of what you want is pivotal in creating the love life of your dreams.

Vanessa’s Testimonials…

“Today, I am engaged to the man of my dreams. I truly feel rewarded for my hard work in building my trust, faith and kindness towards myself and Life. Vanessa gave me the tools that I needed to equip myself to make way for him to walk into my life. All I can say is, I couldn’t have made it this far without this awesome woman.” – RB

“Once I opened myself up to more possibilities and did the work with Vanessa my life completely changed. After only working with her for a few months, I met my now fiancée. I wake up every day grateful to have him in my life. If it wasn’t for Vanessa I don’t know that I would have ever found the courage to leave my ex. I am happy and I am forever grateful to Vanessa for providing me with the tools, guidance, and courage to help me find and live out my happiness and my very own fairy tale.” – Magdzia M.

David Bruce Leonard

David is the founder of the Earth Medicine Institute and practitioner and teacher of all five branches of traditional Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Massage, Food medicine and Martial arts.

Author of Medicine at Your Feet: Healing Plants of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Wild Wisdom: Listening to Heart of Nature and How to Worship the Goddess and Keep Your Balls, David is an expert on the medicinal plants of the tropics. He is known for his off-beat sense of humor. He is often seen in Hawaiian rain forests wearing his favorite trash bag as a raincoat.

In his module, he will teach you about the masculine. This masculine is inside you whether you are male or female. It’s so important to understand more about it. In this understanding, we become more self-aware and self-awareness is king!

David’s Testimonials…

“David Bruce Leonard is a no BS kind of guy, the kind we all LOVE! A man with integrity and the BALLS to put it all out there on the line. Working through the processes he offers and honestly answering some difficult questions is not easy, but it certainly is rewarding.” – Lori Rubenstein

“David is terrific. He’s wickedly funny and certainly has the balls to tell us all what men and women need to hear and learn in order to love each other divinely, both physically and emotionally. He’s brilliant!” – Gina Cloud

“I can’t recommend David’s teaching enough. He’s a true master at his art and he does his own inner work to continue to hone his being which comes forth in his offerings.” – Ed Fell, Mankind Project Leader

Shondra Rose 

Shondra Rose is a multi-dimensional trainer and coach working in the realms of soul and I AM Self within. Her service to the planet and humanity is to foster a smooth transition from duality and Separation into the New Earth/New Paradigm. She brings 40 years and thousands of lifetimes of experience to her multi-dimensional work in realms of spiritual healing and accelerated personal development.

With a focus on integrity with Self, Divine Feminine, the Awakened Divine Masculine and the Sacred Union within, Shondra and her late husband, Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay are co-founders of Awaken Your Light, with its full Curriculum of Self Mastery (a set of tools and processes to empower people to make the successful transition from separation to oneness consciousness), soon to be available in the advanced course on the University of Love and Sexuality.

Shondra’s Testimonials...

“I feel divine completeness within and my universe is reflecting back to me this new energy that I am experiencing. This work nourishes the spirit and soul in and on all levels, and once you feel the effects, you will understand what I mean.” – JD – New York

“I can assure you that Shondra has a very high degree of consciousness and awareness of reality in different dimensions and that this is a great guide to one´s spiritual and energetic guidance and growth, I can also say that this is a very powerful tool for a person’s spiritual growth, and I furthermore highly recommend whoever is interested in its spiritual development to engage these sessions.” – Julio

Rachel Rickards & Buster Radvik

With Rachel, comes a passion for relating and loving in alternative ways and helping people find their truth in the way they want to love and be loved. She has sincere empathy for the difficult path of relating outside the box, but also great enthusiasm for the spiritual journey of finding your own relationship in relating with others and to yourself. More recently, Rachel has been thriving in her work with women empowerment, helping her clients to find their voice and define their boundaries; to live life actively owning the kind of relationship their heart desires. 

Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve and has a reputation for pleasantly shocking an entire room with his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look. His warm, open style gives permission for people to come home to themselves, embodied in an ecstatic atmosphere of vulnerability. Buster is an expert at gently guiding people into their bodies, through the shadow work, landing them safely into their heart, where vulnerable transparency is accessible and emotional intimacy becomes transformational.

All of Buster’s work including individual sessions, work with couples, and groups is focused on love, sex, and intimacy. He draws his approach from a journey of over a decade of living in intentional communities, combined with his studies and practices of various body-centered disciplines of awakening. Buster's gift lies in his eloquent execution and powerful ability to create a safe space for individuals and groups to fearlessly navigate their emotional bodies as the pathway to liberation.

Their module focuses on sexuality, threesomes, and monogamy vs polyamory.