In Alignment Relating with Rachel Rickards

In this bonus section of the course we speak to co-founder of Embodied Intimacy, Rachel Rickards about in alignment relating. This section of the courses focuses on the spectrum of intimacy, monogamy, open relating (non monogamy) and the importance of community.

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An Introduction To In Alignment Relating

What is in-alignment relating I hear you ask? In-alignment relating is a type of relating that has you think about what it is you really want in your intimacy. From that question you may ask yourself more questions, for example, – Am I looking for monogamy or open relating? – What is it I desire […]

The Spectrum Of Intimacy

In this video we speak to Rachel Rickards about in alignment relating and the spectrum of possibility when it comes to intimacy.

Differences In Desire

In this video we speak to Rachel Rickards about what to do when we meet a partner who has different levels of sexual or sensual desire than us.