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Why Self-Love & Self-Acceptance Are At The Core Of Intimate Relating

From a young age we all start learning about how to relate to others. Whether our parents or caregivers do it well (pretty rare, unfortunately!) or they psychologically or physically abuse us, we learn from them what love is. 

We also from our culture... religion, movies, celebrities, television, music, magazines and virtually none of those things teach us to accept and love ourselves. The Backstreet Boys absolutely ruined my life, for example!

All jokes aside, this is very real and it means that in our adult life, when we come to meet another human in relationship we are often looking for them to make us feel happy because we have often learned that it is things outside of us that complete us, rather than internal self-love, acceptance, and compassion. 

Whether we are single or in a relationship, we need to put that foundation in of self-love and self-acceptance on a daily basis. A sports person or a dancer will always practice the basics, day-by-day, and it's the same for us. A daily practice of self-love and self-acceptance will change the way we relate to others in such a soul expansive way. 

This is why we have put together this FREE mini-course to help you put that into your daily life. It takes energy to make change and we are here to give you that impulse and that encouragement to change EVERYTHING. 

What can self-care and self-acceptance look like?

It can look different for every person who comes through our course, but it can look like:

+ Releasing addictions to old ways of self-pleasure... no more porn, no more excessive ejaculation, no more addiction to vibrators. We create new self-pleasure rituals that include the full body

+ Changing eating and fitness habits

+ Creating new morning rituals that give you a multitude of reasons to feel more self-empowered each day

+ Releasing the shame of truly loving who you are and what you are here to bring to the world

+ Choosing to show your emotions and express them rather than avoiding them

+ Becoming more mindful of how you treat yourself with your actions and thought processes

+ Forgiving yourself for everything

+ Spending more time in nature

+ Changing your relationship with consumerism

+ Building a bigger community of friends

+ Letting go of the opinions of other people and allowing ourselves to respond rather than reacting and blaming

+ You start to live with more intention, making intentions before you make love, before self-pleasure, before you meet a friend, before you start a new project

+ Becoming your own best friend, cheerleader, and ally

+ Learning to set clear boundaries with others

+ Letting go of fear and living the intimate life you really want to live

How much would embodying all that be worth to you? 

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Our free bonuses include lessons on:

+ Emotional Mastery

+ Communication Mastery

+ How To Create A Vision of What You Want In Your Love Life

+ The Power Of Appreciation For Better Love Making

+ A Guide On Sacred Sexuality

... and much more!

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Free Self-Love & Self-Acceptance Mini Course

This is the fundamental and foundational knowledge of all intimacy. We can't wait to give you that impulse to change!

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