Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you do this work?

How many reasons do you want?

Perhaps we can start with child abuse… or the #metoo campaign…or the over sexualisation of women in society…or the young boys are not taught to expression emotion and go into their teenage years ejaculating everywhere and watching porn to relieve their angst… or the fact that very few of us have any self love which in leaves us looking outside for love… or that less that 2% of humans can actually sit with and be with their emotions without distraction… or all the abuse of transgender/transexual/homosexual people in society… we have literally thousands of reasons.

The human species has an epidemic of abuse to the most vulnerable. The culture of the abused leading the abused HAS TO STOP.

In our view, this can only be stopped via education. Not just this education here but all different types of education based on compassion, conscious (non violent) communication, self love, self awareness, self responsiblity, intimacy, and sacred sexuality. If we learn that our sexuality is sacred then as a culture, we may well stop abusing others.

Are you an official university? 

No. You can’t get a degree on this online portal.

We use the word university in our logo because we respect the importance of academic education but there are very few academic organisations that teach the fundamentals of love and sexuality.

We aim to be one of this first online portals to do this (and at a free cost to the student). The official definition of ‘university’ is a place of research.

All of our teachers and students are researchers; researching the full potential of what is possible in terms of love and sexuality on this planet.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to help humans understand themselves better.

We will push the boundaries of human understanding of love and sacred sexuality on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

We will focus on the inner union, the inner connection between unconditional love with innocence, and the inner union between sacred sexuality and spirit.

Why do you want financial support?

For 3 years since the crowdfunding the course has been sitting behind a paywall. We had over 100 people go through the course and give us feedback. We improved it. These people paid hundreds of dollars each but we were getting emails and calls from people in Africa who couldn’t afford this.

After much deliberation we look at what we wanted to achieve. Even if we had 1000 people, or 50,000 people paying to go through the course, would it be increase social impact? We didn’t think so.

We want millions of people from every kind of background to go through the course and learn from it.

This means it needs to be free but we also need to encourage people to go through this course.

We need to use new technology, gamification, and marketing to educate as many people as possible about these subjects. That means we need support.

We don’t want to have advertising on this site, ever.

Once we grow, we may look at other ways to make money but donations will be key to our growth.

Those who understand the importance of this education will donate and this will help continue the mission of ULS.

Do you know everything about love and sexuality?

Not at all. We’ll forever be the students. Though, we would say we know quite a lot compared to the average human. This is because we are the sum of all of our teachers and we have over 100 world class teachers on this site (over the podcast and full course). We’ll continue expanding our knowledge and self awareness.

Ultimately this is all about self awareness.

The deeper we know ourselves, our minds, our bodies, our sexuality, our sensuality, our orgasms, our hearts, our capacity to love, our capacity to heal, our desire, our manifestation potential, and our breath; the more we can add to our education.

You might even become a teacher on this site; that is wholly dependent on how much you study yourself.

We also don’t claim to cover every single subject (you won’t find content about bestiality here). At the moment we have a core foundation of education covering:

  • Self love
  • Healing the past
  • Emotional mastery
  • Understanding the masculine
  • Understanding the feminine
  • Understanding the inner child
  • Communication mastery
  • Creating a vision of what you want
  • Embodying unconditional love
  • Sacred sexuality

All of these subjects go beyond race, gender, and religion. The facets of inner masculinity and femininity are part of being human and are not only for one gender.

Who is this site for?

Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and grow as a human being. We advise an age range of 16+

Is there any nudity on this site?

Currently no.

Will this course make me better in bed?


We do have specific sections on sex, sacred sex, and intimacy but the rest of the course really prepares you for the sex.

After all, you need the solid foundation of a thriving relationship for the sex to be full of love and joy. Without that, what are you really doing? Having one night stands with your partner?

Doing a specific course only about tantra or sex will not give you the full foundation on which to build your love and sex life.

We will continue to expand our sex based course as we move forward. We believe anything is possible in the bedroom.

From heart orgasms, throat orgasms, hallucination orgasms, soul sex, multi-dimensional space orgasms to whatever comes next. Our founder and our teachers have all experienced these things and they will help you to do the same.

Could your course save my relationship/marriage? 

If you are both committed to it and committed to love, yes.

If this is the case, we will do our best to help save the relationship with you. But you will need to do the work and stay committed! Are you? Then join us. You can ask us any question at any time.

We look forward to making you one of our success stories!

I am single. Will your course help me attract a new partner?

Yes. It sure will!

Why? Because it will become super clear to you what you need to find in a partner to make the relationship joyful, happy, and successful.

You will be able to clear out pain from past relationships and attract something new, instead of attracting a relationship that repeats the same patterns as the last one.

You will be confident in who you are and what you can offer to your next partner.

How much time will your course take me?

How much time do you have to learn wisdom and tools that can change your life?

We see this as a life long learning.

Sure, you could watch all the videos in a few days and forget about them after a month but what good will that do?

These are teachings for life and teachings you can keep coming back to as we continue to improve and expand on them.

Joining ULS is a commitment and investment for life, not just for 8 weeks.

I have severe trauma from my past. Will your course help me overcome it?

Overcoming sexual trauma, psychological trauma, grief, these are all issues that many of our students have. In fact, most of the world has some kind of trauma whether it be from parents, culture, or a severe event that happened in their lives.

As with any healing process, we have found it useful to remember that there will never be one thing, or one person that will solve everything for you.

Healing from these types of events often means doing a multitude of things such as taking a course like this and using the tools we give you, to reading books from other survivors who have been through something similar, or having one on one counselling or bodywork with an experienced trauma practitioner. It could also include a variety of other things depending on what calls your heart and soul to do.

By all means, we think the course will help you move further along your journey and our experts can point you in the right direction as you find that path to completion, joy, and wholeness again. But, as a warning and we repeat.. please don’t think that any one course or person will heal you. You are your own healer and best friend.

You must be guided by your intuition and heart to use the tools that best serve you to move forward.

We love you.

How do I have 25+ minute brain orgasm like Steve, your founder?

There isn’t a short answer for it. It’s a process. You were born with the possibility of doing all of this (as well as being an unconditionally loving genius) but things kind of got in the way. If you were born into a body with a penis you were likely using ejaculation in your teenage years to masturbate away your emotions. The addiction to porn and shooting white liquid literally everywhere robbed you of feeling your body and your emotions. You would then talk about your ejaculation to all your friends, every day, always, instead of talking about your emotions

If you were born into a body with a vulva then you likely have shame about the first contact with your yoni. Perhaps you have zero connection with her. Perhaps you were told some strange things about having your monthly blood. Perhaps boys would make jokes about it. Perhaps you never really understood her. You were most likely shamed for your sexuality. That having sex was slutty. The innocence that you were born with was totally robbed and stolen.

The thing is, we all have tremendous amounts of shame around sexuality. We live in a world of information and still, the adult public of this world is so ill informed about sex. Religions a long time ago wanted to control the population and they had no safe sex practices then so they made sex seem like a shameful act. This relates to our answer about the word ‘God’ and having a separation experience with the word. Humans created a situation where they pushed a belief that ‘God is punishing you for being you’. Yes. He is if you believe that to be true! It is a pointless belief that has no empirical or any other basis of being true. First, what does that person mean by the word ‘God’? Does he or she even know? Because if we are in the belief system that this Universe was seeded with consciousness and love, as well as a seed of separation of experience then ‘God’ (in this circumstance) is creating a separation experience. If we want an experience of Oneness then the next belief would be that we are all innocent here. Our bodies have no reason to be shamed. We are free to love ourselves! We are free to self pleasure with no shame! We are free to experience all different types of orgasms!

But… back to the question… it’s bigger than shame… Sex isn’t even the first thing we need to look at to get to this mind blowing place. The first things are self love, self awareness, and emotional mastery. We must move into emotional healing, compassion for all people, and unconditional love for all.

Then we can come into real presence in our bodies and it is that that brings these orgasmic experience. Pure presence with ones body, heart, and soul.

Do you have any in person workshops or do you recommend any specific workshops?

We don’t have any in person workshops. We may do in the future but we can’t see it before the year 2022 (at a minimum). We recommend workshops by any of our teachers on our course. But just because we recommend it, it doesn’t mean it will be absolutely perfect for your path, you have to be the one who makes that discernment.

Outside of the experts on our course we also recommend the work of Elaine Young and Bruce Lyon.

Just because we do a podcast with someone, it doesn’t mean we recommend their work. It is up to you to discern and do the research about whether to work with someone.

Overall, there has been a huge purge of some of the male tantra teachers in the community and therefore there are very few male solo teachers that we recommend. We recommend ISTA ( as a soul initiation into sacred sexuality as they always have a mixed line up of three teachers on each training.

Can I help ULS somehow?

Sure! Yes! Please! If you are an expert in any of the subjects we cover (or a subject that you cover that we do not) then please contact us. We look to work the world’s best experts.

If you are can help us with marketing, or raising funds to keep growing this education (and its reach) then please see more on this page.

Donations also help a lot.