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Imagine Your Whole Life Overflowing With Unconditional Love, Bliss & Ecstasy.

You sigh while you stretch your whole body in deliberate, free movements.
It feels like a liberating sensual dance...
You’re flooded with immense relief, feeling the lightness of your body and a joyful sprint in your step. You carry yourself with ease, you absolutely and deeply love yourself for who you truly are.
Shame, guilt and anxiety around your beautiful body have melted away as if by magic.
The oppression they created in your heart is now a stranger to you, and you can’t remember the last time you felt anything other than pure bliss.
You rejoice living on your own skin, connected to your sensual and sexual nature.
Nourishing and caring for your body comes naturally to you. You feel free to satisfy yourself through self-pleasure, with the intimate knowledge of how every inch of your body feels to your touch.
Sex with your partner has changed, too. You can’t keep your hands from each other, like you just met. The desire building inside you magnetizes you both, longing for that sublime space only the two of you can create.
Indulging on passionate, intense, ecstatic sex is no longer a memorable exception to be remembered for months after the occasion… It is how you step into lovemaking every. single. time.
And the life of your dreams just unfolds before your eyes, now that you are channelling the transformational power of your sexual energy as a creative force.
You feel your life purpose with every beating of your heart, effortlessly guided in your path because you’re so connected to your Higher Self.

You are living in ecstasy.

How do you reach such an unlimited bliss?
Is this even possible?
If you are like most people, this is far from your everyday life.
Instead, you feel unease in your own body. It’s heavy and tense, scarred from those moments in the past you would rather forget.
Day after day goes by and you feel scattered, with no clear purpose or guidance. It’s hard for you to create boundaries and healthy, conscious habits. Why bother?
You avoid looking at yourself naked in the mirror because you don’t like what you see...
And no matter how many times you’ve repeated in your head that “there’s nothing to be ashamed of”, you still rush through sex and hide under the covers.
Or the disconnection from your own body urges you to look for quick fixes: mindless sex, non-stop porn, or dependency on your vibrator to get a moment of fleeting solace.
Maybe you experience performance anxiety or feel undeserving of pleasure.
Your words get bottled in your throat when you want to open your heart to your partner... and sex is starting to feel stale.
Conventional stereotypes of your gender feel restraining, but you’re lost about how to find balance in your own energy.
Dealing with the opposite sex is puzzling and frustrating.
If you’re single, you’re tired of the cycle of dating the same dysfunctional type all over again.
And if you’re in a relationship, your gut tightens when you feel the next jealousy outburst of your partner creeping in… in that split second, you ask yourself why you put up with it all.
Is love supposed to be like this?
Is this all there is to sex?
You’re not having it anymore.
You are ready to leave old paradigms behind.
There’s a light inside you, a profound certainty, that you are meant to thrive in unconditional love.
You feel excited about expanding your consciousness.
You’re called to enter intimacy as a sacred place of communion and bliss.
You know that there’s so much more potential for pleasure within you...
You are bursting with the deep desire to unleash a life of ORGASMIC ENERGY, VIBRANT POWER and UNRESTRAINED ECSTASY.
Your life is about to CLIMAX right NOW!
Blessings & blissings! You’re In The Right Place...
Hi, I’m Stephen James Burford, and I’ve felt that way too. Before founding The Online University of Love & Sexuailty and starting my journey discovering Sacred Sexuality, I was desperately yearning for a deeper connection to myself, my own sexuality, and humanity as a whole.
After struggling in different relationships, I was called to embark on a transformative path that would change my life. It expanded my consciousness and my potential for pleasure beyond anything I could imagine.
This path took me from the gorgeous lakes of Guatemala to the vibrant streets of Berlin, and the luscious volcanoes of Hawaii in the search of sublime wisdom.
It was travelling these roads that I became a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner, Founder of Raw Attraction Magazine (2012), Founder of, Apprentice Cosmic Shaman, Builder of Bridges To Support The Conscious Evolution of Humanity, and last (but not least!) Salsa Dancer.
I spent years and thousands of dollars on my spiritual quest, and it was all worth it. But you don’t have to work so hard to step into your own ecstatic transformation!
Having full-body orgasms without being touched, making love all day long or harnessing the power of your sexual energy to create your dream life is right at your fingertips. I know that from experience as I can have all types of orgasms from third-eye brain orgasms, hand orgasm, eye socket orgasms, spine orgasm... soulgasms! There is so much MORE on offer than we have been taught ðŸ™‚
All you need is to be willing to experience pleasure beyond measure.
Allow us to show you how... The Taboo That Is Blocking Your Unlimited Pleasure
Unfortunately, in most of society sex is still taboo. It’s seen as something shameful, dirty or sinful instead of being embraced as the sacred, healing, ecstatic life force that it truly is.
Because of this, most of us don’t get a real sex or consciousness education.
Think for a moment, where have you learned about sex and intimacy? Maybe it was through porn, “locker room” talk, an incomplete school subject or a rushed conversation with your parents.
It’s no wonder that you step into your adult life unaware of the expansive, orgasmic power that lies within you.
This lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity with sexuality is the root of all these dangerous misconceptions. Because of it, your unconscious mind is programmed by external influences to view it as a source of guilt, shame and vice.
That’s the reason why so many expressions of sexuality are so tragically warped. Lacking self-love and out of touch with their own sensuality, people turn to negative patterns: relationships full of drama and jealousy, addictions to porn or vibrators, or mindless sex.
The good news is that you can easily embody your orgasmic potential with a holistic education, daily practice and reprogramming of your unconscious patterns that melts away years of disconnection to your erotic nature.
Whether you are single or in a relationship, a daily practice of self-love and self-acceptance will revolutionize the way you relate to others in such an expansive way!

That’s why we created The Ecstatic Rebirth Method™ and you can experience a TASTER DAY in PRAGUE of your own Ecstatic Rebirth™

A holistic, expansive, step-by-step method that guides you through the journey of your erotic, spiritual and orgasmic potential.
It condenses not only my years of growth, and training in multiple therapeutic approaches, but the wisdom of renowned international experts on the subject of love, sex and intimacy!
Enlighten Your Consciousness For Expansive Bliss...
This Ecstatic Rebirth Method™ workshop is an experiential day specially designed to allow conscious, truth-seeking people to rebirth into the unlimited orgasmic potential that lies in their own Sacred Sexuality.
We provide you with enlightened education, powerful tools and intimate practices to elevate your sensuality, sexuality and consciousness to unparalleled heights.
You will be empowered to shed off decades of harmful conditioning about your sexuality in the most aligned, effortless way. Its carefully crafted content takes you by the hand on a discovery path to your unconscious mind, body and soul.
Let the Ecstatic Rebirth Method™ be your go-to guide of practical wisdom to revel in a safe, sacred space to explore and unleash your sexuality.
Feel supported in all areas as a growing, aligned human being by our holistic approach.
Here you won’t have to limit yourself with the narrow view of most sexuality courses, that are simple anatomic lessons or seduction tricks that don’t dive into the complexity of personal evolution.
Instead, your body will flourish into the sensual sanctuary it has always been.

In this workshop you will discover and taste:

+ The map of consciousness and how that relates to your orgasmic energy
+ How to access your higher self (your I AM Self) so that you can process heavier energies on this earth
+ Discover Sublime Levels Of Pleasure When You Create A New Relationship With Your Body. From how to nourish yourself to self-pleasure, you will become amazingly attuned to your own body, so you can share it with others from a state of joy.
+ Enjoy Unparalleled Freedom By Totally Immersing Yourself In The Present.
+ Embody Your Own Divine Essence And Feel Completely At Peace In Your Own Nature. You’ll see how incredibly light you feel when you no longer resist your emotions. Validating your feelings will become natural for you. You will be able to identify, express and release them in a positive and healthy way.
+ Tap Into The Fountain Of Your Inner Bliss! Feel whole and complete by connecting with your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. This alone will change your life exponentially!
+ Connect Deeply With Your Partner On An Explosive Journey Of Ecstasy. The days you felt neglected or disconnected sexually will become a thing from the past.
+ Get an intense drive and fuel all aspects of your life when you learn how to cultivate your sexual energy and harness it as a creative force.
+ You will have knowledge of more expanded types or orgasms, create a platform for the incredible joy of Sacred Sex and experience the dramatic impact of opening your Energetic Body during sex!
+ Embrace The Most Potent Healing Force Available Through The Art Of Sacred Sex. You will discover the elements needed to make the most powerful healing alchemy and how to make it happen each and EVERY time you have sex and much more!
If you are one of the 22 beautiful souls in this workshop you will also receive access to Stephen's NEW audiobook, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys To Unleash Your Power, Pleasure & Purpose AND his abundance Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy (together worth over 1500CZK!)
Are you ready to TASTE ALL OF WHO YOU ARE?

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