Create A Vision Of What You Want with Vanessa Petronelli

In this part of the course we speak to Vanessa Petronelli about how to create a vision of what you want. This is great for single people who want to bring in the right partner for them. This section is also great for partnered people who want to level up their current connection.

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An Introduction To Vanessa Petronelli

An Introduction To Vanessa Petronelli.

Create The Vision Of What You Want

It’s time to be brutally honest with yourself! Here are some questions to answer. You can answer these whether you are single or in a partnership. Am I available? Am I ready to give my heart and soul? Am I ready? What am I willing to offer? What can I give to my (potential) partner? […]

Create Space For Your New Partner

This video is aimed at the single people but it is still is also very useful for those deep in a relationship. Look at all the areas of your life and see if you are available: Emotional, Energetic, Physical, Spiritual, Mental, and Time. Do you have the room? If you do? How do you know? […]

Your Non Negotiables

Sometimes your soul will give you lessons and experiences to crush your egoic needs. This is a time to go deep into your soul and discover what your soul needs to flourish. Remove the distractions. Write them down on them paper. Write them down in the comments or the forum if you feel inclined. Examples: […]

Keeping The Faith

We are always creating our reality. What do you need to learn from your reality? The victim mentality will only create separation and resistance to what you desire. The more you think about it is about something else outside of you, the more you push away what you want. Everybody is a teacher and opportunity […]

How To Co-Create A Vision

In this video we discuss how we can co-create a vision with our partner of the life we want to create together.

The Day To Day Vision

In this video we speak to Vanessa Petronelli about how we can create a vision of what we want our day to day to look like with our partner. It’s an important video. What can you both commit to doing in support of the big vision? How can you start the day with intentions and […]

The Evolving Vision

In this video we speak to Vanessa Petronelli about how to keep evolving your vision with your partner to create a better life for each other, and the world.