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Why Sex Education On Netflix Is The Best Show Ever

sex sex education sexuality Feb 02, 2020

Written by the founder of ULS, Stephen James Burford. 

I don't often watch TV series and I was even a latecomer (no pun intended) to this incredible series created by Laurie Nunn and Eleven Productions. 

Series 1 & 2 took me through a multitude of emotions from feeling sadness and nostalgia for my own teen years to such happiness that this show exists. I also cried my eyes out at one scene where the girls at the college show solidarity with another over her...


Erotic Science: Give Women More Pleasure! They Need More!


You can blame it on hook up culture. You can call out a sex-education epidemic, or invoke the wild mystery that is the female body, but when the pants and the inhibitions drop, all that really matters is that women are not having the orgasms they deserve.

Orgasm inequality is a problem of the casual dater, or so the stats would have us believe. The fewer times a hetero couple has had sex, the more likely they are to report a wide disparity between the number of times he has orgasms and...