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How To Have Safe Sex - STI's & The Safe Sex Talk


How to have safe sex is something everyone should be asking their sexual partners. Condoms are the easiest and first answer but there are other things we have to think about as well. Such as…

How Often Should I Get Tested For STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections)?

It seems like a simple enough question, but thanks to the lack of sexual education (at least in America), and the inherent stigmatization that such miseducation produces, there is still a great deal...


Sexual Consent: Saying No To Sex Is Often A Way To Self Love

consent safe sex sex sexuality Apr 17, 2019

Ask yourself these questions…

  •  Do you know your true boundaries?
  •  Can you say no in any situation?
  •  Or are you easily persuaded to say yes?
  •  Will you stand up for your rights in ANY situation?
  •  Do you know your moral standards of what is and what is not acceptable for your own body/soul/health/mind? Do you? Do you REALLY?
  •  Do you know how to say no in your sex life?
  •  Do you know how to say no to your boss?
  •  Do you know how to say no to...