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8 Things Your Soul Came Here To Experience


“When we came into these dimensions, we came from realms of spirit, a place where we were divine beings. The truth is we never stopped being divine beings!"

8 things your soul came here to experience:

  1. To Feel What It Is Like Not To Be Love & Be Loved.

Your soul came here to experience a journey that was specifically designed to show you what love is not.

If heaviness is what you came here to experience, because you couldn't have it 'up there' then...


What Is Sacred Sexuality & What Can It Do For Your Life?


This article about what is sacred sexuality comes from a transcript of our podcast with Raffaello Manacorda.

Steve: How would you define sacred sexuality? What is sacred sexuality?

Raffaello: It’s a great question. Sometimes I play with words and instead of saying ‘sacred sexuality’ I say ‘sexual sacredness’ – it goes either way. For me, sacred sexuality is the union between two poles. One is the sexual pole, and the other is the sacred/spiritual...


Podcast #69 Shining A Loving Light On The Sex Work Industry


In this podcast, we speak to Rosie Enorah Heart about her work in the sex industry. We talk about how most people view sex work and what real, conscious sex work can do for her clients. At ULS, we feel paying for sex is overly stigmatised and the more we can talk about what is going on, the safer it can be for those working in the industry.

This is an eye-opener and will change the way you think about sex work forever.

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Podcast #39 What Is Sacred Sexuality? With Raffaello Manacorda


Raffaello Manacorda is an international Tantra Yoga teacher and coach. He has been teaching for the last 15 years. In this podcast, we speak to Raffaello about what sacred sexuality actually is, things to look for when you want to find a tantra practitioner or workshop and disabilities & sexuality.

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