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#142 Why The Story Of Sleeping Beauty Is SO Important Right Now


The story of Sleeping Beauty is SO important right now. Listen to this podcast to discover why.

In this podcast, Stephen reads from his mentor's notes, Shondra Rose (roseoflight.com) and adds his own interpretation of WHY this is so important right now. 

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...Are we IDENTIFYING so deeply with THE 13TH SISTER that we have...


#141 How To Access The FULL Measure Of Your Creative Potential with Teal Swan & Stewart Pearce


This could be our best podcast ever! Jump into the river of creation with Stephen James Burford, Teal Swan and Stewart Pearce and learn that power is your birthright and that the murky waters of transformation offer us all great hope for a magnificent renaissance of art, community, and infinite expressions of Divine Creativity. 

Teal Swan’s deepest intention is to set people free. Her mission is to make people aware and conscious so that with that awareness, they...


#140 Diana The Voice of Change with Stewart Pearce

diana femininity love podcast Apr 25, 2020

"The essence and desire of this work is to inspire a kinder and more empathic world into creation, by sharing the keys of Diana’s heartfelt love and radiant presence." Stewart Pearce.

In this fascinating podcast, we speak to Stewart Pearce about his new book, Diana The Voice of Change. Stewart worked with Diana in the last two years of her life. This book and podcast are both so relevant to the times we are living in now.

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Podcast #139 Perfect Health Is A Spiritual Path with Dr Doug Lehrer


In this podcast, we speak to a friend of the show, Dr Doug Lehrer about what true perfect health really is. Dr Doug explains how he works with his pioneering Cellular Resonance process on his patients and how we can all step up in our health during these times and beyond. His answers are not what you think!

Dr. Doug Lehrer, DC, CQM is a much-loved visionary leader, doctor, speaker and pioneer in the “healthcare of the future” (energy medicine). With his characteristic high...

#138 The Corona Placebo Effect with Peter Sage


In this fascinating podcast, we speak with the incomparable Peter Sage about the current situation in the world. Peter has some amazing insights to share with you.

Please share this podcast.

We highly recommend Peter's book, The Inside Track for an inspirational guide for coming through adversity. Check out www.PeterSage.com 

For our free course, The Rebirth Method (worth $1997) head to www.uls.online/the-rebirth-method

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#137 Emergency Coronavirus Podcast: The Process, Hope & Opportunity


In this podcast, we speak to mentor to the stars, Vanessa Petronelli and the ever unconditionally loving, Rick Gabrielly. Both are teachers on our now free course, The Rebirth Method, available at when you click here! ($1997 value)

We speak about what is going on in LA, New York, and Prague and how we are all reacting and the opportunity we have as a species and as an individual right now.

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#136 Healing Vortex For Healing & Building Your Immune System


This is a hypnotherapy recording by Stephen James Burford, founder of The Online University of Love & Sexuality. Stephen is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. 

Please listen in bed or relaxing at home. This recording will send a healing energy vortex through your body to heal and upgrade your immune system.

Disclaimer: We are not a...

Podcast #135 How The Film & TV Industry Is Evolving Sex Scenes With Intimacy Coordinators


In this fascinating podcast, we speak to the founder of Intimacy On Set Ita O'Brien about her role in the film and TV industry as an Intimacy Coordinator. Ita has worked on the recent Netflix hit series (that we love) Sex Education, written by Laurie Nunn, as well as shows for the BBC, HBO, and Warner Bros. For more information, please visit intimacyonset.com

Listen on the video above or:

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Podcast #134 Free Self Love & Confidence Hypnosis With Binaural Beats


Stephen is now a trained RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapist) and so here is a free self-love and confidence hypnosis for you to use. Listen to it every day for 21 days for dramatic effects in your life!

Do not use while driving or any other manual labour. Please lie or sit down in a safe space. 

Thank you. 

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Music (Letting Go) by Christopher Lloyd...

Podcast #133 Narcissistic Abuse Recovery with Caroline Strawson


In this podcast, we speak to Caroline Strawson. Caroline is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified High-Performance Coach specialising in narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma, relationships, anxiety, PTSD, codependency, and depression.

We go into depth in a conversation about abuse and what to do if you are in a difficult and/or dangerous situation right now.

For more from Caroline, click here to visit her Facebook.

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