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11 Questions You Need To Ask Your Potential Partner Before Commitment


1). Am I in a rush? 

Do I feel anxious? For example, are you thinking, “If we don’t commit I might lose this person or not get what I want?” If you are thinking this, slow down! Love and especially unconditional love has infinite patience.

2). Do we have the same core values? 

Core values are fundamental beliefs, highest priorities, ideas about money and spending, fundamental driving forces. Do you ultimately want the same things from life? Can you...


How To Choose A Goddess by David Bruce Leonard


At some point, we will feel ready to create a partnership in our lives. When meeting a potential candidate, there are questions we should ask ourselves. Does our potential partner resonate with us? Does she resonate more than just sexually? Is there a deeper connection? Do we like how she shows up? Does she align with our values? And more importantly, does she align with our core values? Core values are values that are non-negotiable. Core values are those values that, if compromised,...


Podcast #68 Theogamy & Soul Initiation with Bruce Lyon


In this podcast we speak to the incomparable Bruce Lyon from The International School of Temple Arts about what he sees is beyond traditional monogamy or polyamory. We also speak about the great soul initiation that Bruce believes is happening on the planet right now. This is a podcast you simply have to share! Bruce can be found at

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