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Podcast #68 Theogamy & Soul Initiation with Bruce Lyon


In this podcast we speak to the incomparable Bruce Lyon from The International School of Temple Arts about what he sees is beyond traditional monogamy or polyamory. We also speak about the great soul initiation that Bruce believes is happening on the planet right now. This is a podcast you simply have to share! Bruce can be found at

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Podcast #63 Monogamy vs Polyamory


In this week’s podcast, Steve speaks about his own story with monogamy and he talks about the realisations he has come to in his own journey with sex and relationships.

As noted by Psychology today, “In the state of nature, human beings were generally polygamous, as are most animal species. The few animal species that are monogamous include the emperor penguin, the prairie vole, and the red-backed salamander.” Peter Sage, on our podcast number 6 talks about how...