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Podcast #133 Narcissistic Abuse Recovery with Caroline Strawson


In this podcast, we speak to Caroline Strawson. Caroline is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified High-Performance Coach specialising in narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma, relationships, anxiety, PTSD, codependency, and depression.

We go into depth in a conversation about abuse and what to do if you are in a difficult and/or dangerous situation right now.

For more from Caroline, click here to visit her Facebook.

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Video #130 How To Have More Sex With Your Partner


This is a clip from our free online course at This is an important clip for anyone who wants to create more time for sex with their partner.

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Podcast #124 Relational Power Dynamics with Rory Kilmartin


In this podcast, we speak to Rory Kilmartin about his research and discovery of new archetypal power dynamics that exist in all of relating. This conversation will open your mind and heart to what archetype you have been operating under for your whole life.

For more from Rory, visit his website

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11 Questions You Need To Ask Your Potential Partner Before Commitment


1). Am I in a rush? 

Do I feel anxious? For example, are you thinking, “If we don’t commit I might lose this person or not get what I want?” If you are thinking this, slow down! Love and especially unconditional love has infinite patience.

2). Do we have the same core values? 

Core values are fundamental beliefs, highest priorities, ideas about money and spending, fundamental driving forces. Do you ultimately want the same things from life? Can you...


How To Cultivate Sexual Energy (For Women) by Triambika Ma Vive


Sadly, so many women lose their sexual appetite for reasons too long to mention. The medical industry is shamelessly banking in on “Women’s Sexual Dysfunction”, which is a total sham if you ask me. Short of having a genuine medical issue, there is no such thing as women’s sexual dysfunction.

The biggest thing standing in the way of the long lost days of wet, juicy, fantasy-filled, steamy moments in a woman’s body is a long list of unexpressed emotion,...


Dreaming The 'Perfect' Relationship Into Reality


For so many of us, relationships are things we stumble into, and find ourselves deeply involved in, before realising that they are not quite what we want. Then we either cut and run, or put up and shut up - either blaming the other for the relationship not working or blaming ourselves.

But it’s not the searching for a relationship that delivers or otherwise - it’s what we believe. If we believe it’s easy to find a relationship, we’ll find one easily. If we...


Podcast #117 How To Create The Reality You Want In Your Love & Sex Life


In this podcast, we speak to Arielle Brown about taking full ownership of your love and sex life, that includes all your pleasure! We are the creators of our reality and therefore we have the power to attract everything we desire... to know our full desires we must expand our knowledge of what is possible. In this podcast, we discuss what is truly possible.

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Podcast #77 - Sexless Marriage or Relationship? This Will Help You!


In this podcast, we discuss with Nicole Ananda about how to have more sex in your relationship or marriage. We talk about FOUR KEY POINTS that you need to follow to get things sexier in your relationship!

Nicole is a Reiki Master, intuitive healer, certified life coach, certified surrogate partner therapist, and founder of the Ananda Integrative Healing Group. She practices intuitive healing to help people heal themselves on every level —...


Podcast #30 How To Build A House of Love With Rick Gabrielly


In this powerful podcast, Steve speaks to Rick Gabrielly, The Marriage Boss about how to build your own house of love and how to set healthy boundaries in your relationship. Rick has 27 years of marriage behind and says every day is better than the last. This is the best advice ever! Don’t miss it!

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Podcast #6 Why You Must Focus On Your Love Life with Peter Sage


In this mind-opening interview with Peter Sage, Steve and Peter touch upon many topics. They touch on Peter’s relationship past, how to find strength, conviction and focus for what you want, the importance of clarity, how we all can go deeper into ourselves, the male attachment to beauty, a life beyond marriage and the fact we can never own someone else’s heart.

Peter is serial entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an international best selling author. His latest...