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The Wonders Of The Universe Exist Inside Your Heart


Your pure, pure heart is your core - it's your everything. 

When you were first born into this world, you knew nothing but pure love and light, you were love and light.

All you could feel was love.

You were fully open.

Gradually you had to face challenges that brought up different feelings. These were difficult feelings, which you didn’t know until then. You didn’t know how to deal with them. Those feelings were dark and painful so you pushed them away, hid them,...


Podcast #143 Reprogram Your Subconscious Now!

love podcast subsconscious Jun 28, 2020

In this podcast, our founder and Chief Integrity Officer, Stephen James Burford talks about the importance of reprogramming your subconscious at this time in history and he offers a way of doing that immediately. Now!

Blessings to all!

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#140 Diana The Voice of Change with Stewart Pearce

diana femininity love podcast Apr 18, 2020

"The essence and desire of this work is to inspire a kinder and more empathic world into creation, by sharing the keys of Diana’s heartfelt love and radiant presence." Stewart Pearce.

In this fascinating podcast, we speak to Stewart Pearce about his new book, Diana The Voice of Change. Stewart worked with Diana in the last two years of her life. This book and podcast are both so relevant to the times we are living in now.

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Podcast #139 Perfect Health Is A Spiritual Path with Dr Doug Lehrer


In this podcast, we speak to a friend of the show, Dr Doug Lehrer about what true perfect health really is. Dr Doug explains how he works with his pioneering Cellular Resonance process on his patients and how we can all step up in our health during these times and beyond. His answers are not what you think!

Dr. Doug Lehrer, DC, CQM is a much-loved visionary leader, doctor, speaker and pioneer in the “healthcare of the future” (energy medicine). With his characteristic high...

#138 The Corona Placebo Effect with Peter Sage


In this fascinating podcast, we speak with the incomparable Peter Sage about the current situation in the world. Peter has some amazing insights to share with you.

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We highly recommend Peter's book, The Inside Track for an inspirational guide for coming through adversity. Check out 

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#137 Emergency Coronavirus Podcast: The Process, Hope & Opportunity


In this podcast, we speak to mentor to the stars, Vanessa Petronelli and the ever unconditionally loving, Rick Gabrielly. Both are teachers on our now free course, The Rebirth Method, available at when you click here! ($1997 value)

We speak about what is going on in LA, New York, and Prague and how we are all reacting and the opportunity we have as a species and as an individual right now.

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Do you desire for our education about Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality, Self-Love, Healing The Past, The Divine Masculine/Feminine Healing, Inner Child Healing (and more besides) to reach more people?

Would you like to help us in our mission to become the greatest Sacred Sexuality, Inner Alchemy, and Soul Transformative education that the world has EVER seen?

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Video #130 How To Have More Sex With Your Partner


How to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner When Your Partner Identifies As A Man


How to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner:
When Your Partner Identifies as a Man

by David Bruce Leonard and Jodi Baygood

Please Note: All people have masculine and feminine qualities, regardless of their gender. We use the terms "men", "women", "masculine", and "feminine" in this article for convenience, but in truth either polarity can be assigned to either gender. Masculine concepts are applicable to women with a strong masculine alignment and feminine concepts are applicable to men...


We Support The Culture Of An Evolving World! Will You Join Us?


Will you join us?

We want to support a culture of evolving people who can see what IS right now, see the perfection in all the working parts good and “bad”, and see their way through the issues of the world to the other side, to the solution, to the solution for the greater good of humanity.

We support people who are on purpose and who will stay on purpose, prioritize their purpose even over our own agendas, and willingly give their gifts to the world.

We take...

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