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37 Ways To Create An Attractive Personality

attraction dating lifestyle Feb 24, 2020

Here are 37 ways to create an attractive persona and keep that attraction going with a potential partner.

Attraction is an important thing to think about and so let this fun list be an opening of a portal of awareness within you!


  1. Keep eye contact with someone when you are speaking to them and in the silences. The silent eye contact says more than words can say.


  1. Speak slowly and seductively when it is appropriate.


  1. Have a busy life, filled with a...

11 Questions You Need To Ask Your Potential Partner Before Commitment


1). Am I in a rush? 

Do I feel anxious? For example, are you thinking, “If we don’t commit I might lose this person or not get what I want?” If you are thinking this, slow down! Love and especially unconditional love has infinite patience.

2). Do we have the same core values? 

Core values are fundamental beliefs, highest priorities, ideas about money and spending, fundamental driving forces. Do you ultimately want the same things from life? Can you...