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Podcast #124 Relational Power Dynamics with Rory Kilmartin


In this podcast, we speak to Rory Kilmartin about his research and discovery of new archetypal power dynamics that exist in all of relating. This conversation will open your mind and heart to what archetype you have been operating under for your whole life.

For more from Rory, visit his website

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Podcast #123 Healing Your Inner Child Meditation


Join Steve as he guides you through healing your inner child. Use this piece of self-awareness to live your life even more consciously! This is an active meditation, you will need a pen and some paper. 

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Animalistic Sex Positions


Do you need some inspiration for sex positions? Have a look at these if you are feeling in your animal. There are different energies that we can bring into the bedroom. The most common are the animal and the spiritual/tantric lover. It isn't a good idea to be animalistic all the time in the bedroom but sometimes it is really awesome!

Don't forget that these animalistic positions should be done with love and consciousness, as well as some consensual ass slapping and hair pulling,...


8 Things Your Soul Came Here To Experience


“When we came into these dimensions, we came from realms of spirit, a place where we were divine beings. The truth is we never stopped being divine beings!"

8 things your soul came here to experience:

  1. To Feel What It Is Like Not To Be Love & Be Loved.

Your soul came here to experience a journey that was specifically designed to show you what love is not.

If heaviness is what you came here to experience, because you couldn't have it 'up there' then...


Podcast #122 How To Master Your Pleasure with Elaine Young


Elaine's journey has involved a life long fascination and inquiry into meditation, sexuality and the spirit/soul realms.

She is a group facilitator for Shamanic, Tantra and Somatic Sexology based events. Elaine is a member of the Lead Faculty team for The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) as well as a Shamanic Breathwork facilitator and bodyworker.

In this podcast, we speak to her about the difficulties most people have when it comes to bringing more pleasure into their lives...


How To Use Acupressure To Enhance Sexual Pleasure


Acupressure can heighten your sexuality and be satisfying and rewarding in many different ways. This article will introduce you to the depths of traditional Chinese sexuality and how to stimulate acupressure points to build sexual energy, relieve stress and enhance intimacy. We’ll consider ways to make acupressure experiences intimate. Finally, this article presents potent points in the lower back for nurturing sexual energy.

Acupressure & Sexuality



Heal Your Chakra System With Orgasm


Before we dive in and discover how to heal your chakras let's first talk about what chakras are and what they do.

Whether you have felt your chakras are not they are there in your body. Some people get caught up and think the word chakra is too "spiritual" and they can't believe it exists. But each chakra in your body is simply a focus point of energy. At these energy points in your body, there are many nerves and major organs. And these points are very much connected to our...


I Have A Numb Vagina. What Do I Do?


I recently interviewed a woman who told me she has never had any sensation in her vagina and this has been the case since she first had sex aged 19. That is a long time to have a numb vagina.

She is now 37 and has finally reached a breaking point in wanting to find a solution to what, for her, has become an increasingly distressing and depressing situation.

This lovely lady, let's call her Jane, is beautiful, fit, smart and successful. To look at and speak with her, you would...


Podcast #100 How To Deal With Loneliness with Teal Swan


In our hundredth celebration podcast, we have Teal Swan back on the show. She was our first guest and now she is back for our hundredth!

We speak about the waking up process, admitting we are lonely, why we shouldn’t reject our loneliness, as well as shame and many other things. This is a great podcast – please share it!

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Podcast #60 How To Find Healing After A Terror Attack with Buster Radvik

healing podcast trauma Jan 02, 2018

We felt the call to do a podcast about the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester, UK on May 22nd 2017. Yes, we normally podcast about sexuality or give relationship advice but if you look closely, the theme that runs through our podcasts is love and healing.

When such a horrific incident occurs we all (as a culture) go into some form of shock. We can’t understand why a human would do this to another group of humans. We also then start to...

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