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Video #132 How To See Crisis As A Gift with David Bruce Leonard


In this video, we speak to David Bruce Leonard about seeing a crisis as a gift and how we can use it as a fuel for growth.

This is a critical video to watch if you are in a crisis now (and most of the world is due to coronavirus). Please share this with your friends who might benefit from it. 

Please post any questions below! 


Podcast #41 Are You In Crisis? Listen To This with Jeffrey Platts

crisis podcast suicidal May 09, 2017

Suicide and depression is a real thing. We need to talk about it more. This is part two in the podcast I did with Jeffrey Platts. This part really speaks to anyone who is in crisis right now. So, please, if you can share this, if you know someone or if you’re in crisis yourself go through this podcast and share it with others who may really need it right now.

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