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Podcast #111 A Chat About Consent & Safe Sex with Niki Kala Aloha


In this podcast, Steve and Niki play a role-play in terms of what they would speak about if they were going to spend some intimate time together. In this conversation, you will learn some conversational points that you could have before your next sexual encounter. The conversation includes safe sex practices and boundaries.

In reference to the inner masculine and feminine. ULS views unless you are a baby born via superfecundation (humans playing God) then the masculine and feminine...


Podcast #102 The New Hashtag... #whyididntreport

consent Apr 30, 2019

There is a new hashtag arising on social media that we want to talk about as well as the high profile rape accusations going on at the moment.

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Sexual Consent: Saying No To Sex Is Often A Way To Self Love

consent safe sex sex sexuality Apr 17, 2019

Ask yourself these questions…

  •  Do you know your true boundaries?
  •  Can you say no in any situation?
  •  Or are you easily persuaded to say yes?
  •  Will you stand up for your rights in ANY situation?
  •  Do you know your moral standards of what is and what is not acceptable for your own body/soul/health/mind? Do you? Do you REALLY?
  •  Do you know how to say no in your sex life?
  •  Do you know how to say no to your boss?
  •  Do you know how to say no to...

Podcast #79 Healing After #MeToo


In this podcast, we speak to two of our favorite ever guests, Rachel Rickards & Buster Radvik (co-founders of Embodied Intimacy) about what we can do after #metoo. We speak about what forms of healing are available to us, and how the healing tantra community might be able to help us but also the warning signs we need to look out for when looking for a sacred sexuality teacher because some teachers are not qualified or capable of helping you heal at all.

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