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Podcast #129 The Problem With Trying To Fix Our Partner


In this podcast, we take a clip from our online course. This clip comes from our Communication Mastery section with JP Sears.

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In this video, Steve speaks to JP Sears about how we need to stop trying to fix our partner and why this is so important!

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Video #129 The Problem With Trying To Fix Your Partner


In this podcast, we take a clip from our free course at www.ULS.online/free-mini-course and our founder was speak to the infamous JP Sears about the problems with trying to fix your partner. This clip is taken from our section which JP teaches about communication. Enjoy!

This video was recorded in September 2015. 

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Podcast #127 Upgrade Your Intimate Communication with Janelle Fraser


In this podcast, we speak to Janelle Fraser about all the different ways we can up-level our intimate communication with our beloveds. We also speak about how having children can have an impact on your sex life. There is so much to learn from this podcast! For more from Janelle, visit www.janellefraser.com/couplestraining

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How To Hear What Your Partner Is Saying & Feeling


This is a clip from our full course at ULS. To find out more about our course, please sign up on our masterclass video and email series.


Steve Burford: Welcome to this video on hearing and how it can improve your communication. Hearing is a really important aspect of how we communicate with our partners and our friends. So let's jump in the get you into some framework around this.

JP Sears: The first point is that there is listening; then there is...


Relationship Yoga: How To Explore Non-Attachment


The benefits of yoga are often flaunted in terms of the physical; tight abs, impressive flexibility, and yoga is also devised as a means to improve meditation, concentration and connection.

Yoga is a philosophy. It is a collection of guidelines for how to live in the world, to be good to ourselves, to the earth, and to each other. It has the power not just to change our bodies, or even our minds, but our hearts and souls as well. It can strengthen the bonds between us and help us to be...


Podcast #111 A Chat About Consent & Safe Sex with Niki Kala Aloha


In this podcast, Steve and Niki play a role-play in terms of what they would speak about if they were going to spend some intimate time together. In this conversation, you will learn some conversational points that you could have before your next sexual encounter. The conversation includes safe sex practices and boundaries.

In reference to the inner masculine and feminine. ULS views unless you are a baby born via superfecundation (humans playing God) then the masculine and feminine...


6 Important Traits Of The New Relationship Paradigm


We’ve all seen them, maybe been in one or grew up in one – those relationships that arrive at a certain point in time and then stagnate, with clearly delineated boundaries and roles. At best they are the equivalent of a toddler’s snuggle blanket, making us feel warm, cosy and safe. At worst, they make us feel restricted and lifeless as if we’ve been sealed in a box. And the sad thing is that this form of long term relationship is still the dominant one today,...


Podcast #83 How To Use Flow States To Improve Your Life & Relationships!


Justin Faerman is the founder of The Flow Consciousness Institute and of Flow Mastery. In this intriguing podcast, we speak to Justin about how to get into the flow, how it can be used in our relationships, and how it can truly change all of our lives!

For more from Justin please visit www.flowconsciousnessinstitute.com and www.consciouslifestylemag.com

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Podcast #82 Become A Communication Master!

communication podcast Sep 04, 2018

In this podcast, we speak to former Co-founder of OneTaste, communication and intimacy expert, Rob Kandell.

We talk about common communication mistakes, what to do when we are triggered and much, much more.

For more from Rob visit, www.tufflove.live

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Podcast #58 Why Women Are Bitches To Their Men with Nicole Mathieson


Nicole Mathieson came to us and asked to talk to about why women are bitches to their men. She vulnerably admits that she is a bitch to her husband (of 17 years) and she has figured out why she does it. This deeper level of self-awareness changed everything in her relationship with her husband.

Nicole Mathieson is a relationship coach helping women thrive within relationships. Our intimate relationships challenge us by showing us exactly where we are stuck and which wounds we are...

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