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My Third Eye Is A Yoni & Can Orgasm For 25 Minutes

orgasms sex sexuality Jan 27, 2020

Written by our founder, Steve Burford (cisgender male).

I had a big realization whilst I was making love the other day. I was giving oral sex to my partner and I was noticing how her yoni reacted to my tongue.

A few minutes later she started to lick my forehead (this is something we normally do so I can receive a brain orgasm) and my third eye started to behave exactly like her yoni. It was a big revelation to me! 

It was earlier this year that I started to have these...


Creative Solutions To The Trap of Monogamy


I am interested in creativity in every area of life. What’s interesting to me is that even highly creative people often lose their originality when it comes to love, sex and relationships.

I have a pretty good sense of why that is: For over 50 years we’ve burdened this area of our lives with unrealistically heavy expectations. I see it representing a crucial place of belonging for many people.

During the 20th century, we’ve seen communities breaking down...


Podcast #129 The Problem With Trying To Fix Our Partner


In this podcast, we take a clip from our Ecstatic Rebirth Method course. This clip comes from our Communication Mastery section with JP Sears.

In this video, Stephen James Burford speaks to JP Sears about how we need to stop trying to fix our partner and why this is so important!

If you want to download this in audio form, go to Soundcloud here

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Video #132 How To See Crisis As A Gift with David Bruce Leonard


In this video, we speak to David Bruce Leonard about seeing a crisis as a gift and how we can use it as a fuel for growth.

This is a critical video to watch if you are in a crisis now (and most of the world is due to coronavirus). Please share this with your friends who might benefit from it. 

Please post any questions below! 

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4 Ways To Create A Non-Jealous Relationship


Jealousy, it can keep you up at night fretting, sweating, your heart can tighten and restrict the blood flow to your aortic valves. It’s not a desirable emotion, is it?

The evolutionary theorists tell us that the male generates jealous feelings to be sure that his sexual partner was raising his child and not another caveman’s child. They’ll tell us that the female is entrenched in rapturous jealousy because she does not want her man to be...


Video #131 Create A New Vision Of Your Love Life With Vanessa Petronelli


In this video, we take a clip from our online course and speak to Vanessa Petronelli (Celebrity Coach) about what it means to have our non-negotiables in intimate relating. Whether you are partnered or single, this is a great video to re-imagine your vision for your life!

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Video #130 How To Have More Sex With Your Partner


How to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner When Your Partner Identifies As A Man


How to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner:
When Your Partner Identifies as a Man

by David Bruce Leonard and Jodi Baygood

Please Note: All people have masculine and feminine qualities, regardless of their gender. We use the terms "men", "women", "masculine", and "feminine" in this article for convenience, but in truth either polarity can be assigned to either gender. Masculine concepts are applicable to women with a strong masculine alignment and feminine concepts are applicable to men...


Video #129 The Problem With Trying To Fix Your Partner


This clip is taken from our Ecstatic Rebirth course in the section where JP teaches about Sacred Communication. Enjoy!

This video was recorded in September 2015. 

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Why Should We Stop Using Sexual Stereotypes?


Written by Stephen James Burford & Freya Watson

The sexual stereotypes we face every day have a profound impact on our society. From stereotypes about men in relationship to stereotypes of women’s sexuality, these harmful attitudes affect us all. We must scrutinize ourselves to see if we are partaking in the perpetuation of these limiting roles.

These detrimental attitudes are deep-rooted. They begin to form through the eyes of a baby by witnessing the stereotypical...