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Podcast #4 Why Women Need Men

podcast relationships Feb 09, 2016

We had the chance to speak to Kelly Marceau ( about many things but the conversation centres around ‘Why Women Need Men’ and the denial of this basic truth that so many women have.

Kelly is a lover of words and humans. She creates thought-provoking articles on men and women, sex and relationships. This podcast is aimed at heterosexual people.

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If you...


Podcast #3 A Conversation About BDSM & Intimacy With Ruby May


In our third podcast, we had a wonderful with Ruby May. Ruby works with consciousness and sexuality, she facilitates individuals to connect to their deepest truths by peeling back the layers of cultural conditioning and shame, honouring the importance of pleasure and play, claiming the right to self-expression, finding sacred in the profane and inspiring people to create more authenticity, intimacy and joy in their lives.

We speak to Ruby about intimacy and also her work in the arena...


Podcast #2 The Relationship Map with Keith The Chocolate Shaman


In an interview you may not expect from us, Steve is in Guatemala and speaks to Keith The Chocolate Shaman. Apologies for a few chickens and cars in the background, there was no podcast studio in Guatemala!

Keith lives in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala, where he has become known as the Chocolate Shaman by way of a journey with the cacao into understanding the use of cacao/chocolate for spiritual and shamanic purposes.

You can find his website and buy cacao from him by clicking...


Podcast #1 Attraction, Love, Sex and Porn with Teal Swan


In recent years Teal Swan (formerly, Teal Scott), known to many as ‘The Spiritual Catalyst’ or the ‘Giggling Guide’, has become an international sensation and a new voice in the increasingly popular field of metaphysics.

Her popularity continues to increase as word of her teachings spreads across the world. TEAL’s first book, The Sculptor in the Sky was published in April 2011 and consistently enjoys rave reviews from readers. TEAL’s second book, How...
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