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Podcast #57 What Is Intimacy & Why Do We Need It? With Buster Radvik


We continue the education we didn’t get at school here in this podcast. Buster Rådvik is the Co-Founder of Embodied Intimacy (with Rachel Rickards – guest on Podcast #56) and he speaks to Steve in-depth about this delicious journey of intimacy. We talk about how you can become more intimate with your partner, with a friend, and specifically about how men can be more intimate with each other (without being sexual at all). You are guaranteed to learn a great deal from this podcast. 

In the first part of the interview, Steve and Buster talk about loneliness. This is a much-needed topic to discuss in the modern world.

We are all more connected with technology but are we connecting at all to each other? Steve and Buster discuss how people are missing out on important pieces of social life that we don’t often get in today’s society.

Steve and Buster then go on to talk about the importance of the body when it comes to intimacy and how so much of our communication is not communicated by words… you need to BE WITH A PERSON to fully get all the communication happening.

In the last part, Steve and Buster then talk about the problem men have when it comes to connecting with other men. Buster believes men are missing out on so much when it comes to male on male intimacy that is not sexual. He explains that even gay men are missing out on this – which he calls homosensuality. Homosensuality means that you could be sensual with another man… perhaps deep eye connection or touch but it doesn’t mean that it is leading anywhere sexual. Steve and Buster discuss how this is due to the innate sense of homophobia that permeates throughout culture.

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