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The Wonders Of The Universe Exist Inside Your Heart


Your pure, pure heart is your core - it's your everything. 

When you were first born into this world, you knew nothing but pure love and light, you were love and light.

All you could feel was love.

You were fully open.

Gradually you had to face challenges that brought up different feelings. These were difficult feelings, which you didn’t know until then. You didn’t know how to deal with them. Those feelings were dark and painful so you pushed them away, hid them, covered them up.

Gradually, you learned to close your heart to protect yourself from feeling pain and discomfort. But as an adult, you are challenged to open your heart again and to look into those dark corners. It is absolutely inevitable that you will meet people who reflect many of the lovable aspects of yourself and you feel strong connections with them. You feel safe around them and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

And then the challenge comes…

When you open our heart to deep love, you are then faced with the challenge to see more of your shadow, and those aspects that are painful, difficult, unloved, denied.

And it is scary to face those dark corners of your personality. 

When you open your heart, you open your inner eyes to see more of yourself. When you open your heart, those hidden aspects of you start surfacing because they have been shone with Light/Love.

The more you open your heart to another, the more Light you bring to your inner world. And then suddenly you start seeing more and more of the uncomfortable feelings that you couldn’t deal with when you were a child.

If you are uncomfortable with a feeling that arises in relation to another, ask yourself ‘Why am I uncomfortable with this feeling within myself? How can I love myself with this?’

As an adult, it is your chance now to trust that you are strong enough, that you are capable of looking into those feelings, embrace them, accept them, feel them. And then a miracle happens. They are healed. The Light/Love in your heart heals everything. Without the darkness, what is left then? Only Love! You discover that who you really are is Love! 

If you can accept those aspects in another, you accept them in yourself. 

When you open your heart to another, you open it up to yourself. When you love another you love yourself. It is the universes’ way to love itself; through you.

In the process of fully accepting all that is in another, which is also in you, you become who you really are.

Love is all that is. It doesn’t reject the low, the dark, the negative. Love is the sum total of all emotions. Being in love with another is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Because the other challenges you to open up to your Light and Love and discover that all you really are is Love and Light.

To love yourself and another means to accept all emotions that arise within you. The darkness dissolves in the presence of Light.

We are all connected. We cannot exist in separation. We all need each other because only by relating to one another we can achieve all we want. Manifestation occurs only through relationships with others.

Like the fingers on your hand that appear to be separate, you can do so much by yourself. When you realize the interconnectedness of all that is, you become a powerful creator. Because then you can use the connections with others to become more, do more, and be more.

It is through interconnectedness that we expand our awareness and become more of ourselves because our relationships with others reveal all of ourselves.

It is through interconnectedness that we expand our potential because by serving more people, we allow the Creator to pour more into us.

It is through interconnectedness that we expand our influence because by reaching out we spread our message further and further. 

So why do we fear to open our hearts?

There is nothing to fear.

There is only Light and Love to be discovered in the open heart. 

Maybe we are afraid to face the truth that we are Love, we are the Creator itself!


Written by Stephen James Burford. Founder & Chief Integrity Officer

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