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Podcast #64 Surrogate Partner Therapy & Ejaculation Advice


In this podcast, we speak to Nicole Ananda about her journey to become a surrogate partner therapist. We talk about how important surrogate partner therapy is and how so many people need this as an option in their lives (and how she has clients flying in from all over the USA to see her in Philadelphia).

We also talk about porn, strange male masturbation techniques (the death grip, anyone?) and discuss our views on premature ejaculation. Please share and enjoy! For more from Nicole, please visit

Podcast show notes

1.15 – Nicole’s Spiritual Journey and the path that lead her to become a surrogate partner therapist. An explanation of what a surrogate partner therapist is.

11.00 – What if society had more surrogate partner therapists?

14.30 – Why we all need more touch in our lives.

16:30 – Using cuddling as therapy

18.15 – Why is surrogate partner therapy so important for society?

20.00 – Premature ejaculation and the importance of the breath

24.30 – What is the main problem for men who suffer from premature ejaculation?

30.10 – Here is the reference to the prostate cancer/ejaculation study.

32 mins – Nicole’s views on ejaculation and the right amount to ejaculate.

37.50 – Nicole discusses the difference masturbation techniques she has witnessed with clients.

39.00 – The strange death-grip masturbation technique is discussed

41.00 – Steve’s and Nicole’s theory on porn watching and why porn is the biggest reason why guys have problems with premature ejaculation.

45.00 – Can you buy love? Maybe you can.

Thanks for listening! Please share and enjoy!

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