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Why Sex Education On Netflix Is The Best Show Ever

sex sex education sexuality Feb 02, 2020

Written by the founder of ULS, Stephen James Burford. 

I don't often watch TV series and I was even a latecomer (no pun intended) to this incredible series created by Laurie Nunn and Eleven Productions. 

Series 1 & 2 took me through a multitude of emotions from feeling sadness and nostalgia for my own teen years to such happiness that this show exists. I also cried my eyes out at one scene where the girls at the college show solidarity with another over her yoni. 

Let's go through a few of the reasons why this is the best series ever aired on a TV series:

The Diversity of Characters

The cast on this programme is epic. Immediately you are introduced to a broad range of characters, all with their cute little quirks. All colours of the human skin rainbow are represented, as well as the broad range of sexual preferences - from a fetish for aliens to heterosexuality.

The Love Stories & Romance

This really does take me back to the love stories I had in my late teens and the unrequited love that always hid around every corner. The love stories will leave you wanting more and excited where each one might go next. 

The Comedy

Being British myself, I love British comedy. The accents, the self-flagellation, the dryness, and the beauty of being a humourous sexual being is for everyone to see in this show. Ultimately, sex is fun and also funny. If we can't laugh at our own selves (whilst being self-loving to ourself) who else can we laugh at?

The Sex Education

There is real sex education in this show. From self-love to anal douching and beyond. It made me sad that this education wasn't there 20 years ago when I was at school and it still isn't there now. This show further highlights the need for changes in our education system and the need to educate adults as well as children in love, intimacy, and sex education.

There is so much potential in this series that we believe it could run and run. We'd love to see scenes with full-body orgasms, non-touch orgasms, using the power of intention, the attachment to male ejaculation, the internal clitoris, and much more. We love you, Laurie Nunn (creator), very very much.

I have even sent script ideas to Laurie and Eleven Productions. Fingers crossed for a meeting with them. 

Check it out on Netflix, today.