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Podcast #73 Sacred Relating & Tantra with Chantelle Raven


Chantelle has a passion for spiritual awakening, a deep love for people and a unique understanding of the psyche, the body and sexuality.

Chantelle has trained with one of the world’s largest contemporary sacred-sexuality training organisations (ISTA).  After supporting on pieces of training for several years and learning under some of the best Tantra Teachers in the world, she became a facilitator and trainer, covering Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. Chantelle has been working independently in the field of human development for almost two decades now and has dedicated her life to supporting individuals and groups across the planet to awaken consciousness in our sexuality and in our bodies, to release sexual trauma and de-armour blocks in the subtle body, to bring more awareness to the relationship between the inner and outer masculine and to awaken the deep feminine in women’s work.

Chantelle resides in Perth, balancing her professional life of writing, private-practice, facilitating women’s work, workshops and travel with her much-beloved family.  She has a particular interest in supporting women to deepen in their love for themselves and others and does so through The Life Tantra Series, as well as residential and online training and coaching.

She can be found at

In this podcast, we speak to renowned tantra teacher Chantelle Raven about tantra, sacred relating, communication, self-responsibility, understanding masculine/feminine dynamics and much more! There is much to learn in this podcast!

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