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37 Ways To Create An Attractive Personality

attraction dating lifestyle Feb 24, 2020

Here are 37 ways to create an attractive persona and keep that attraction going with a potential partner.

Attraction is an important thing to think about and so let this fun list be an opening of a portal of awareness within you!


  1. Keep eye contact with someone when you are speaking to them and in the silences. The silent eye contact says more than words can say.


  1. Speak slowly and seductively when it is appropriate.


  1. Have a busy life, filled with a balance of fun and pleasurable activities.

  2. Be modest in your accomplishments in life.

  3. Be upfront and honest about things.


  1. Kiss with passion.


  1. Have a passion for many things in your life.


  1. Be enthusiastic about life.


  1. Be happy.


  1. Have a big social circle and keep growing it.


  1. Smile.


  1. Don't play by their rules all the time. Have your own boundaries. 


  1. Communicate from the heart.


  1. Be unpredictable. That doesn't mean be an asshole! It means that you have an interesting life.


  1. Always have other options to do with your day - friends, family, you time.


  1. Make them laugh. Showing your cheeky side always helps.


  1. Be irrationally self-confident.


  1. Maximise your strengths and focus on them.


  1. Take risks in life. 


  1. Never be afraid to lose a partner. Never forget that they might leave at any moment but love them unconditionally anyway.


  1. Never be manipulative by crying, shouting, with jealousy ploys, disappearing acts. Have mastery over yourself. Be calm in the face of adversity.


  1. Dress well but in a way that you feel comfortable.

  2. Diligently practise the art of not giving a shit; without being an asshole.

  3. Show genuine interest in a person and their life story.


  1. Cultivate relationships with your family and friends on a consistent basis.


  1. Travel and become cultured.


  1. Have big goals for your career and life and walk towards them every day.


  1. Be generous and kind to your fellow man. Treat everyone you meet with respect from the homeless man to your boss (if you have one). Do not bad mouth, anyone.


  1. Read books that interest you.


  1. Listen to every word when they talk.


  1. Lead your life as if you are the captain of your ship.


  1. Have good posture. Yoga and fitness helps with this.


  1. Be adventurous and spontaneous.


  1. Be disciplined with yourself.


  1. Be good with animals (dogs/cats) and kids, too.


  1. Be playful and tease.


  1. Be challenging, don't accept everything they say. But remember, don't be an asshole!


Bonus tip: Be kind! Care about the world and the people in it. This is the most attractive trait of all!


Do you have any more we can add? Leave them in the comments below!