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How I Had A Huge Heart Orgasm That Changed My Life


In the last couple of months, I have been diving deep into a new way of relating. This new way of relating involves connecting to the mystery of relating. To the not knowing, to the creative power that lies underneath all that manifests in our 3D reality. This new connection to the mystery of relating has given me a huge blessing in the form of an amazing new lover. She embodies Aphrodite and she shares her energy abundantly with me. I am so grateful!

As we lay resting together in the early afternoon she says to me that at this moment was not feeling very sexual. We only had a few hours left together and after holding each other for a while, something began to shift and she suggested that I should lie on my front and she would come back into the room when she was ready. I waited for a little while but I didn't have any expectations as to what might happen. I thought perhaps she would give me a short massage before I left.

I took in a deep breath so I could feel my body more and I heard the door open again but I didn't look up to see her come in. I soon realised she was naked and she came and sat on the base of my spine. Feeling her skin on my skin made me instantly relax and I felt so happy and lucky at that moment. She was aware that my spine was a gateway to so much pleasure for me. It only takes a small touch and my Eros rises up my spine. It only took a few seconds for her to become aroused, she breathed deeply into my ear, and she moved her body in such a way that it moved both our Eros ecstatically. We were both immediately activated. What a blessing!

She started at my root chakra and activated that and slowly moved her way up my spine and eventually, she arrived at my heart and opened my heart like nothing else before. I noticed she was breathing down from her heart into her yoni and penetrating my spine - omg! I couldn't believe what was happening. 

Janine Ma-Ree recently said to me on a workshop entitled, ‘Our Dark Divinity' that we can allow the universe to penetrate us by through the back of the heart and allow that to be an infinite fuel of divine love that radiates through the front of the heart. In this initiation with Aphrodite, it felt like an embodied re-enactment of that!

I can't tell you the amount of love I felt pouring down from her heart and flowing through her sacred yoni into my skin, through my heart and penetrating my soul. Oh my gosh, it was true bliss. I felt so blessed. It was one of the most epic moments of my life on this planet.

After that, I moved from under her and I put my third-eye (the middle of my forehead) on her yoni and that started activating me even more. My body was in orgasmic uncontrollable fits. I started vibrating on another level that I hadn't felt before. When she turned me over and made love to me, it took me to another place, an unforgettable place. I made the intention that the seed of our lovemaking is the transformation for many others, and so it is. 

This all sounds great, but what does it mean?

It means that anything is possible in the bedroom and you have to get OUT OF YOUR HEAD and INTO YOUR BODY. 

You need a new story in your mind and that re-programming starts now. You will never see this in porn... a woman activating her partner with her yoni up his spine and into his heart. If you did, you would think it was all an act!

Well, it wasn't an act and these kinds of energetic activations are available to everyone... if you just step fully into your body. 

Give this a try... get some coconut oil and see what happens. Surrendering to the unknown is what you need to do. Open your mind, open your heart, open your soul, the divine will bless you with a new kind of sex

Written by Steve Burford, Founder of ULS.

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