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Podcast #54 The Best Parenting Advice with Rick Gabrielly


In this podcast, Steve speaks to Rick Gabrielly about having children. This podcast is extremely useful if you are thinking about having kids or even if you have kids and you want to re-evaluate why you brought them into your life.

Rick Gabrielly is also known as The Marriage Boss and can be found at – we highly recommend you check him out.

Listen to the podcast here:

Here Are The 14 Reasons Why Having Children Is A Bad Idea.

1. BIG Change Will Come – time, money, intimacy, priorities, intensity like never before.

2. You will be sharing each other for the first time – this can become super serious and heavy if not careful.

3. You take on new responsibilities and there is NO OWNER’S Manual.

4. Fear of the highest order comes in with no end in sight.

5. You have to plan for the future when you are not even grown up yet.

6. Worry will escalate to a fever pitch about the health of your baby.

7. For men, the provide/protect mechanism gets cranked up, work more, hormones go up. For women, their nurturer/caregiver side cranks up, leaving guys in the dust.

8. Money needs change, especially as the child grows older.

9. Disagreements on how to raise them. Religion, Discipline, Peer competition, type of education FROM DAY ONE. Little Beethoven, Waldorf vs. Public Ed and the Street Ed. Which to do?? “Little Johnny Syndrome” “My Little Princess

10. Competition between Mom and Dad heats up. “Who is the better parent?” “Who Loves Baby More?” “Well, I’m the better ______!” We vie for the upper hand and often use our family history to confirm everything from looks to behaviour to personality. “He’s just like your Dad!!” “She looks like your Grandmother, and that’s why she’s like that.”

11. Intimacy and sex take a back seat to baby, prompting both partners to defer to external attention and stimuli to get comfort and order back in their lives.

12. Trust suffers if either partner goes outside the relationship to fulfil their needs.

13. We doubt ourselves since everyone outside our home is the expert on marriage, parenting, finances, religion, education, health, planning and anything else we don’t know.

14. When the child grows, this adds another personality to the family, an actual little person, with needs, wants, attitudes, ENERGY, all of which contribute to more complex family dynamics. Good Luck at this point.

And Here Is The Reason Why You Should Have Children…

However, if you take this on as the greatest journey, FROM DAY ONE, and commit to each other FIRST, then you will get and give the greatest gift any couple can ever have: A wonderful ride, filled with joys and sorrows. You’ll be forced to be the best version of yourself, with never a day void of life and love, embarking on the greatest journey of all. Becoming a family.

So savour every moment, for someday you’ll look back with pride that you and your partner, the one YOU chose to do this with, created life, and then sustained it to become the next generation. And with the right vibrations, you then will also live forever. That’s our highest form of contribution to humanity and our creator.

Listen or watch the podcast for a deep dive into solutions to all these things.

Enjoy and share!

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