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Podcast #115 The Merkaba & The Divine Feminine Chakra System


In this podcast, we speak about some advanced concepts that include the Merkaba, The Divine Feminine Chakra System (that has been dormant on this planet for eons) and the importance of the story of Sleeping Beauty. We must all make up our inner Divine Feminine and activate our Merkaba's.

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Stephen James Burford

This video is going to be to do with the Merkaba, the chakra system and how those two things are finally interconnected. So I've got Shondra Rose of Light with me who's been my guide and mentor on this journey of finding out more about my chakra system and my America and so she's going to enlighten you about yours and potentially opening up your Merkaba at some point in the future. So Shondra, what is the Merkaba about what has the chakra system got to do with it? What's been going on?

Shondra Rose of Light

Actually, I want to come back to something you said just a moment ago, and asking me to enlighten our viewers about us and so I'm not here to enlighten anyone. That is the job of your own. I am self that's not my job. My I AM Self is going to enlighten me. Your I am just going to enlighten you and our viewers I am cells are going to enlighten them. I'm no one's guru. I just want to make that perfectly clear.

Shondra Rose of Light

Yeah. Okay, so let's come back to your question. In order to understand our, our Merkaba our personal vehicle, we have to understand that it is comprised of masculine elements and feminine elements. And it is the dance between the masculine and the feminine, that produces the power of the Merkaba. Now, if we come back to look at the chakras while we can kind of see in it, there are both energies present in each of the basic chakras. There is also, from my understanding the system of chakras that we are using today is actually only half of what runs the Merkaba. And until you have that, that understanding, it's kind of hard to work. The Merkaba was only half the power of it. So would you like to hazard a guess at which half most people have access to?

Stephen James Burford

Well, I know from experience. We can see by looking at the world that we're overrun by wounded masculine energy and, you know, we're going around destroying the world for most the most part and we've lost connection to the feminine to the earth and the earth needs so much care right now. So it's pretty clear that it's the feminine system. is missing. So what's going on there?

Shondra Rose of Light

Well, I think at this point I'd like to bring in the story of sleeping beauty. Because this is a story for all of humanity. It's not just a children's fairy tale. She has a very important message for our age. And what the whole story of Sleeping Beauty is about the feminine. The princess who goes to sleep for 100 years when she pricked her finger was on a spinning wheel. Well, that princess that fell asleep, she was beautiful and she had all of the abilities. But at 15 years old, she goes to sleep, and with her going to sleep with all of those abilities.

And who wakes her up? A young prince, an awakened, Divine Masculine, a young, awakened masculine and he comes he finds his way into the castle and wakes her up and brings her forward to be his Sacred Union partner, his wife, his queen, there, they're standing as equals. This story is about our chakras and our feminine that has gone to sleep. And we've only had our wounded feminine present. So, if we look at that as a message, we need to invite our awakened Higher Masculine consciousness to come in and find his way into the castle.

What's the castle? Our body, our form. Our own inner masculine must find our way in and find the place where the feminine the beautiful princess is sleeping and wake her with what? A kiss of his unconditional love. The Awakened Divine Masculine recognizes the presence of the Divine Feminine. So if we consider that this story is a message for our time, we have to find a way to wake up our Divine Masculine, bring our Divine Masculine and to wake up the Divine Feminine and that is the other half of what's going to run and power our Merkaba.

The chakra system that most currently understands is the one that goes from the root to the crown and beyond. And this is what I call the masculine chakra system. It starts where the male organs are so where do you think we might look for the Divine Feminine chakra system if there were one?

Stephen James Burford

It's going to go into the earth.

Shondra Rose of Light

Yeah, and where is it going to start if the masculine one starts with a male or begins in the womb. It starts with the female organs are the woman, the ovaries, and it goes deep, and it balances beautifully.

But like sleeping beauty. She has been asleep for 100 years what's 100 years mean? A very long time, longer than most anyone is going to remember. So we're actually pulling something from further back than any of us can consciously remember. So we invite in our Awakened Divine Masculine consciousness to come in and recognize unconditional love, call forward wake up and he raises her from her sleeping, he raises her to a standing position to be his Queen and Sacred Union partner. And when they come together their energies balance each other, this is the place where we can begin to bring forward the power the balanced power of Divine Masculine Integrity and the Divine Feminine Innocence.

The power and the energy play between these two are what powers the Merkaba and turn it into an ascension vehicle… essentially raising frequencies.

So if we want to change our world we need access to a pristine form of power that's going to move us beyond the limited forms of power we have with the patriarchy with all of the force, you know, all of the military force all of the forcing currents that forces things to happen.

We have that version of power that overpowers and then we have the feminine forms of power, which are through the use of dark magic to manoeuvre things you know, if you have to deal with the wounded masculine, a forceful power - the feminine had to find ways to deal and live with that.

So we have had the power of magic and manipulation through the feminine structures but either structure, the masculine mono gendered power structure or the feminine mono gender power structure. Both structures are out of balance because it doesn't work with the other one at all.

All of that WILL HAVE TO BE PUT ASIDE while we engage with higher consciousness because our upper chakra system going high up into our higher consciousness and waking up the princess, the Queen that became comes our Sacred Union partner. And with that engagement, we can bring into place the Merkaba with both the masculine and the feminine powers, which are activated by the chakras. The chakras are what activates it and that's where we can begin to transform our world with PRISTINE CREATIONS.

Stephen James Burford

I think you've summed that up very well.

I trust that it helps people.  I trust that it enlightens your own soul and I AM self and you know everything… the power of the universe is inside you and you can access it via your Divine Feminine Chakra system, your Merkaba and Sacred Union within.

If it's resonating with you now then it will be fully alive in your body.

If you want to know more about this process then please let us know.