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Podcast #114 How To Engage Your Soul, I AM Self & Divine Plan

advanced podcast Jun 21, 2019

This podcast was recorded in 2015 and is from the advanced section of our course with Shondra Rose. In this audio clip, you will learn how to engage with your soul, I AM self and Divine Plan. Blessings to one and all.

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Stephen James Burford

We are going to be talking about the I AM Self and how we can start using this step-by-step. I started engaging with my I AM self around six months ago (April 2015). So Shondra what is the I AM Self? Most people have some idea what the soul is and perhaps they don't have an idea of what the I AM is. 

Shondra Rose of Light

It would probably be good to have some of these terms generally defined for our audience because I'm aware that many people use them differently. I'm aware of some other spiritual bodies of work that use the word soul much differently from the way I do. So let's start with the soul because that's actually more accessible in some ways to people than the I AM.

So, in my set of reference points, I relate to the soul as the part of my being that is engaged in having experiences... engaging the experiences recording the experiences, remembering the experiences, processing the experiences. The soul came into this life with an agenda to have a certain set of experiences. And from my personal work and experience with research, when the soul has an agenda item for a particular set of experiences, it doesn't really care what your mind thinks.

The soul is the part of us that is engaging experiences and has brought many experiences along with it, records them, and we reference them.

So, the I AM self... you asked what is the I AM Self...when we say I AM what is it that allows us to say I AM if we just be with that? That feeling of I AM if I AM happy or I AM upset, what is it that is happy or upset?  What is the part of us that allows us to be conscious of those experiences? So, in our set of reference points, the I AM is the part of our being that sent the soul down here to have the experiences. So, the soul is the recorder the experiences, but the I AM is the part of us the higher conscious part that is like the knower, the part of us that has the game plan and it's our connection to our divinity.

The I AM self is the point of power when we're bringing in the power of our spirit, it comes through our I AM this and we can refer to it as our I AM self or I AM Presence, we can bring this conscious higher conscious presence into our body, we can call this body a temple and our temple can entertain and house this divine presence that we can call in from our own being. And through that the I AM Presence, we can access the highest level of kind of connection that we have with all of the higher realms. The higher up you go through your I AM, the more you can connect with Source. So at some level, we are all one... that's pretty far out for most people. 

Stephen James Burford

So how can we start engaging this? When you first told me about the I AM, it did resonate with me, it seemed to make sense and I wanted to know why I've never been told this before. Why didn't I even have this higher awareness? And then I started doing the calls and I really felt a difference in my body when I started doing some of the calls... then you realize it's real. So how, for the listeners how can they start?

Shondra Rose of Light

Well, my favorite way to engage the I am self is through the power of the word. And most notably through the spoken word. So when I say, I am love, I am love, I am light, I'm bringing them engaging that power of the I Am, and I'm putting it into whatever it is that I'm filling with that power. The I AM is the powers the light of my own spirit. So I'm putting light in through this form through this channel of the words. So you can begin to work with words in an empowered, conscious way to begin to channel the light of your own being into your world through the spoken word.

Stephen James Burford

You mentioned to me once you said your body believes everything you say?

Shondra Rose of Light


Stephen James Burford

But why do you think that actually happens? Why is it true?

Shondra Rose of Light

Well, there is the saying that your body cannot take a joke. Okay? our subconscious records information, and it records the words that we say. And then this whole body of information that's stored in the subconscious which we were taking in as, as children as infants. Growing up before our conscious mind really came in we were just recording information, recording information, and all that information is in there, and that's in the subconscious mind. And when you speak words, if you speak, whatever words you speak, that resonates in every cell of your body and your body and your subconscious take everything absolutely, literally. So it's If our word is truth, if the word that we're speaking into being, I mean, if we're speaking something and that's creating, we're creating with our voices that goes into every cell of your body, then whatever words you're saying, your body is going to try and manifest for you. It's going to work hard to make those things happen. So it behoves us to become very conscious in the words that we speak the language that we use and doesn't mean that we shouldn't ever make jokes. Just be mindful of the jokes that you make.

Stephen James Burford

Yeah, and if you haven't seen, Dr. Emoto, his experiments on rice and water on YouTube they are worth watching.  To see those because it's really important to remember that the words you speak have a resonance. Your body is made up of 60% water. This is why it's important to start engaging the I AM, because it's the highest place in our being that we can draw down powerful calls. So what are those some of those calls? Or where do we start with them?

Shondra Rose of Light

Yeah. Well, you spoke with me earlier about a very simple one that relates to everyone really, and it has to do with the love. It's very foundational to all the work of the university because it is a university of love and sexuality. So if we want to look at love as just the most profound basic element of what we're working on here, we can work with the concept that we are beings of light and love. And if we are engaging our I AM presence with love and channelling that energy into the whole energy of love the concept of love, we can do the sound code Call Of LOVE I AM. LOVE I AM. LOVE I AM.  And we can do the long version and then put it in the short version. And I think you want to do that with our listeners today. Is that correct?

Stephen James Burford

Yes, we can do that.

Shondra Rose of Light

Okay. So, when I start out making a call, I, first of all, invoke my I AM so call it in I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM and it's not just I am that I am. Yes, I AM that I AM. And I feel that essence of I AM this feel the presence of who I AM. So calling that in like accessing it bringing it into my body with I AM that I AM and then whatever I follow that with, it's like the doors been opened. And now I'm going to put the energy of that into those words. So what I like to do is do it as a longer version call and then put it into what I call sound code. So let me do the longer version of LOVE I AM...

I AM that I AM calling for all the LOVE that I AM to fill every cell of my body every element of my life, every aspect of my being filled with the LOVE I AM. SO BE IT, SO IT IS, ANCHOR, LOCK & SEAL I AM.  

I put that seal on the end of it to lock it in.

So we have the beginning of The call if the middle of the call at the end of the call. So while I do that in the long version, now I can instruct my being that okay that whole thing that I just said I'm going to put in a short version and call it LOVE I AM.

So now whenever I say LOVE I AM, I am filling myself with the entirety of the longer prayer call.

So this is the format that we do in our calls, and we just put them into the short version so we can do it very quickly. So when our self-love, the love that we bear for ourselves has been disrupted in some way. We can use this very simple format to bring back quickly and to reengage the self-love which is the basis of all other forms of love. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. The only thing that can be if there's no self-love is either neediness or conflict. So to reengage our self-love, I can do LOVE I AM. 

Stephen James Burford

Yeah, your word is a powerful force and this call is an extremely effective way to use your words. So is there any other cause that we can perhaps have the listeners? Perhaps DIVINE PLAN ALIGNED I AM is a nice one.

Shondra Rose of Light

Well, I like to start with alignment with the Divine Plan with most people that I work with because we all have this faulty role with all the separation energetics, one of the things that we've fallen out of is our Divine Plan.

And going back to the I AM self, the I AM self is the part of us that has the Divine Plan for our life. Our soul may have the agenda for the experiences it wants to have, but the I AM self has the Divine Plan and if we're engaging with our I AM self we can call in our Divine Plan... and we can call our entire being into alignment with our Divine Plan.

And one of the things that I've learned in the work that my late husband, Jeremiah and I have been doing for many years, is, if there's not alignment for XYZ thing is not going to happen. If you desire something to happen, especially something good, if you desire it to happen, if there's not alignment for it, it won't happen. So for our listeners, a very simple way to call yourself into alignment is I'll do the long call the long version and then I'll put it into the sound code so when people come out the other side looking at this video, they can use the divine plan line Diane sound code as well.

Divine Plan is perhaps the most basic and most useful, so we will work with this, primarily.

Understanding The Call (in 3 Parts):

1.Beginning: (the Invocation of the Power of the I AM Self) :  I AM that I AM

2.Middle : (what you are calling FOR/ requesting the power be applied TO)

3.Ending/Anchor: ( Locking it in.) :   So Be It, So it IS, Anchor Lock and Seal I AM!

For Alignment with Divine Plan:




Short Version (Sound Code):

Divine Plan Aligned I AM!

(can be applied more directly, by adding something more specific, AFTER the I AM:

(e.g.: Divine Plan Aligned I AM, my travel

(or shopping, my day, this meeting, my online purchase, this conversation, etc)

On behalf of others, long version: (remember this is an invitation, not a demand.)

I AM THAT I AM, Calling on behalf of (my mother, or dad, etc) that her/his entire being be brought into alignment with her/his Divine Plan NOW! So Be It, So it IS, Anchor Lock and Seal I AM!

Stephen James Burford

Coming back to your Divine Plan is coming back to the LOVE that you are. I think meditation offers some of those effects but when you become more aware of the I AM self and the things that we'll be teaching then your meditations if you want to continue doing that will become much more powerful.

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