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Why You Need To Commit To Yourself Like You Have Never Done Before.

The world requires us to create beautiful, powerful, aligned, co-creative relationships to help re-align what is so out of alignment.

As I’m sure you are aware, the relationship between Planet Earth and humanity is at a critical point in time. 

As John Lennon once said, “Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.” But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight, there are just other ways of creating change. 

Here are three surefire ways to crack open that co-creativity together.

1. Make a profound commitment to each other

If you are in a relationship make a commitment. This doesn’t mean an engagement ring. It means engaging in each other’s expansion.

Expansion means stepping fully into love and dropping everything that does not serve you.

Expansion means waking up each morning as if each day was new, and taking the time to get to know your partner again.

Expansion means reading books, taking seminars and meditating together.

Expansion means speaking the truth. 

Expansion means listening to the truth and not turning truth into drama.

Expansion is what we were born to do as humans. We were all gifted with the beauty of a human body and mind whose limits know no bounds. It’s time to engage in each other’s infinite possibilities.

2. Make a commitment to connect to a higher power

I wasn’t brought up in a religious family, neither did my parents say they were atheists. I was just left to figure it out myself. At the age of 8, I thought there might be some higher power, but I didn’t hold onto that belief for too long. Upon a loss with life, through my teenage years and early twenties, I went through stages of turning from agnostic to atheist.

It wasn’t until I was 28, that I began to be aware of a universal intelligence that permeates everything. Through deep meditation, tantra and mediums of shamanism, it was clear to me that there is a profound intelligent love out there, and it is also inside of us. We are made up of the universe and we are not separated from it.

A commitment to a curiosity about the nature of life is essential for world-changing co-creativity. This curiosity can fuel you for a lifetime. Make a commitment to be curious about the universe and commit your love to this higher power, which is inside every molecule of your being, as well as outside of you.

3. Make a commitment to daily rituals

Now that you have made two huge commitments, you must make one more. Commit to each day. Here are some specific ways I commit to each day: 

I start each day at 6.30am with a one hour guided meditation from Dr Joe Dispenza. If you haven’t checked out Dr Joe’s books, then I thoroughly recommend you gift yourself a late Christmas present, and do so immediately! He connects neuroscience, quantum physics and meditation to make powerful shifts in your life. 

I will then open my journal and read the front page that is filled with questions such as: “What good will I bring to the world today?”, “What will I create today?”, as well as mantras: “I expand in abundance, success and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same” and “Today, no matter where I go or what I do, I choose to flow my energy only to things I am wanting.”

Yoga. I have committed to doing one hour every day.

I commit to awareness. Awareness of each thought that passes through my mind, what words I speak and what impact they have. 

I commit to fun and play. We sometimes forget how much fun and laughter is on offer to us; don’t forget how much you can laugh!

These are just some of the ways I commit to each day. The most creative and successful individuals and partnerships have daily rituals - choose yours and commit to them for the rest of this year.

With these three commitments, you are in for a powerful future. You don’t have to be in a relationship to make these commitments, you can make them to yourself, and when the right person steps into your life, you will know.

Write in the comments below about how you will make new commitments for the future that lies ahead.