About Us

The Online University of Love & Sexuality and The Evolving Lover Podcast are a not-for-profit company with a mission to educate the lives of millions of people across the world about fundamental teaches in love and sexuality.

Our goal is to make the world a more loving and compassionate place. We will help you to understand the critical education pillars we believe are needed for every human:

  • A basis of relating that is grounded in self love, self awareness, and self acceptance
  • A knowledge of how to move past old traumas, past heartbreaks, so that presence can be obtained right here, right now
  • A deep understanding of what true heart to heart communication is. This means communication when it comes to consent, resolving issues, expressing love, and much more
  • An understanding of what the inner masculine and inner feminine is inside each of us so we have a more profound compassion for others, no matter what sex they are
  • A guidance on what it takes to embody unconditional love at every moment of every day
  • A profound understanding of sacred sexuality which would include the power of the breath, the power of presence, the power of intention, consent, the energetic body, full body orgasms, the power of sacred self pleasure, and much more.

We will forever be students at love and sexuality. We will just keep on reporting back our learnings in our content.

Our Content:

We do our best to be all inclusive but we still need to add more content. It’s our mission to provide the most useful free content to all of humanity. If you have suggestions for improvements (without being insulting and you can write with respect), then please write to us here.


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The articles published on ULS.online are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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