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The Top 3 Problems We All Face In Intimate Relating

Our research shows that these are the three pillars that we must focus on to have even more satisfaction in our love lives.

Self Awareness

We call this the 4S's of self knowledge:
1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Acceptance
3. Self-Love
4. Self-Responsiblity

Most of us are unaware of what we want, who we are, what love means to us, and we often don't accept ourselves - all of this will reflect in our love life.


Our communication skills in intimate relating are very closely linked to our emotional mastery. Great communication means heart-centered communication.

Once we understand and process our emotions, we can then communicate our truth in a way that our partner can hear it. This is a skill that takes constant refining and a lifetime of learning.

Sex & Sensuality

Sex offers us a chance to connect deeper with our body, mind, and soul. Great sex is not all about technique, tricks, or crazy positions like porn is teaching us.

We'll show you how to ignite into your full ecstatic potential, beyond most people's wildest imaginations, no matter what gender or sexuality!

Have Fun While You Learn

It has been proven that when you play when you learn, you learn four times faster. We make it fun so that you learn better than ever before. Let's make intimate relating and sex fun again!

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