ULS has rebirthed under the flames of destruction into a new born Phoenix at HeartInitiation.com

It is with deep regret that ULS had to close in 2020. Since expressing this to our community that we were closing there was an outpouring of love and sadness. 

The good news is that we have transitioned to HeartInitiation.com where there is a new focus on the path of awakening. 

Here are a selection of our client testimonials from our blessed clients who came through our ULS program. Grateful we are!

Our Client’s Expressions of LOVE

We love you!

“Stephen, your idea to offer knowledge and support of this kind into an accessible and comprehensive manner is incredible. It’s something that people really need, even if most of today’s world isn’t aware of that yet. Possibly because of that reason more than others, it was obvious to me from day one how difficult an achievement this must actually be for you.
No one else is daring enough to offer something quite like this to the public, not yet. I think in time that may change. I pray that it does and that your efforts will be recognized in the light they deserve to be.
I’m sorry to hear your news. I’m especially sorry about how you feel you’ve been treated, and that in your journey to support humankind you haven’t gotten back the same gratitude and payoff in return. No one should have to take on such an enormous project alone.
Personally, I’ve been working through the tools discussed in the course for months. My progress on the website appears as though I had stopped I’m sure, in reality, I’ve made the first two courses part of my daily ritual and there are constant past wounds I’m finding that need attention still. Some of them completely knock me over for a week or more, others are easier, and they all intertwine.
I never would have been able to understand how to approach my trauma without ULS, it has saved my life, it has proven to me there is hope for betterment. Everyone else has given up on me and expected me to give up as well, but your work showed me how to keep trying. And now I share what I’ve learned with my young son, so that he may grow up knowing what love is and break the familial cycle of abuse and self-hatred he otherwise would be destined to continue.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. No matter what your future holds now I want you to know how much of a difference you’ve made in my life. I want you to see that what you created was worth it, even if it doesn’t feel that way for you right now. Please don’t give up your dream to bring help and a new way of being to others. Whatever form that dream may take next, and if you need to take time to recover from the unexpected turn of events, you’ve been an inspiration to me to spread a better way of living to others as well.
I wish you the very best, and thank you for everything!”

“Stephen, your work in the university was amazing. The speakers that did each module was brillant. The layout of the modules to the web site was exeptional. 
The content changed my path radically. Im so blessed to have been able to experience the  rebirth method. I was at a fork in the road and i was lucky to have found you. 
So my gratitiude to you Stephen x you have changed my world.
You changed many peoples world which is so much better than trying to change the world of fucktards. Not even worth it!! I love my life with no television, never buy a newspaper becuase to be honest im ashamed of my species.  So much crap out there…Sooo thanks again!”



“Steve, I listened to your book twice since starting it last night and relistened to the chapters on the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine FOUR times! It was a great way of highlighting at the end of both chapters about how we can support the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. 

Great structure of the book and narration! 

I am now so looking forward to 2022 for your new book to be released 🙂 

Thank you for your dedication to Love & Truth!”

Snow Lukka

 “I would recommend this course to anyone who desire to experience more presence; drop into your body, hear inner wisdom and live your pleasure, power and purpose.

I had many brain Orgasms, lovegasms and soulgasms throughout my ULS journey. In fact I now can name, clearly map and describe the sublime dimension that I have been visiting since my childhood. I’ve had so much contact with it recently via ULS which makes even better portal. It was Magical! Thank you for this amazing experience ❤️

Olya Butterfly

“It’s almost three weeks since I started the one-on-one coaching with Stephen. I’m alreading finding so much value. It has been such a beautiful and profound experience for me. It’s so beyond what I could have ever imagined. Working with Stephen is helping me understand deeper aspects of my self, how and where I was misaligned and what re-alignedment and re-integration feels like. for the first time in my existence on this earth, I have found wholeness within myself. This has caused a tremendous feeling of peace, security, and balance in my life. Words can’t describe how beyond grateful I am. 

This is something that is desparately needed on this planet. If everyone had this training, what a world this would be!”

Dominque Pontecorvo

“I think this program is very educational and enlightening. There is nothing else like it. It will give you the tools you need to access a blissful state by helping you break through all of the outside influences that are present in your life. Stephen and the teachers guide you through all of the aspects of love and sexuality that have become tainted and rebuild a strong connection within yourself which allows for a greater connection with others as well. I recommend it to everyone because there is an infinite number of ways that you can benefit from this amazing program. Definitely worth the while!”


“The University of Love and Sexuality is an incredible and innovative program. Anyone struggling to love themselves or someone else in a relationship will significantly benefit.

The simple yet powerful tools that this program provides are ones you can use every day to recreate the reality you want to see in the connections you have in a world that has become so detached and fractured.

I am so incredibly excited to be part of this wonderful community that is healing one person at a time. There is nothing like it out there.”

Thea Bert

“Save yourself years of searching. While most courses introduce you to a single method or modality, the Universe of Love and Sexuality course takes you on a complete transformational journey.

It not only introduces you to some of the most important and powerful concepts in personal development such as self love and emotional mastery but also gives you a whole array of powerful tools so that you can shed anything that’s holding you back from living an authentic love-filled life.”


“ULS are doing the work of God on Earth. All the evils on Earth have at the core root cause a lack of love.

In a world that is scarce of love and where junk sex is everywhere… the people at ULS have created a journey in healing the wounds of your past, and creating conscious love in your life.

Thank you so much.”

Irina Goia

“The University of Love and Sexuality has provided a platform for personal growth in a way like no other I have come across! Like Steve’s magazine, Raw Attraction, it provides love and sexuality information through inspirational mentors and people who share their tools and experiences to positively promote love, healing and a feeling of awesome wellbeing.

As an interactive site I can contribute, discuss and share my journey with others through the forum, via my profile page and through private messaging. When I work through the lessons I am increasingly motivated and I often go back to the videos that really stand out to me. By increasing and unleashing awareness and my power to love I consider being a part of the Universe of Love and Sexuality a great thing.”

Rachel Keay

“The University of Love and Sexuality has been providing me not only with tools to grow, things to observe gently in me… It has been doing more than anything has done before in my life. I learn to see the opportunities, the shadows, the present, the past, my body, my heart, ME with love. I am so happy that something like this exist now, and so grateful.

I can feel the effects on me, but also in everything around me, the beauty is real, there is hope, love is a the truth, this is a real University, I hope no one misses this chance, is a beautiful privilege. THIS IS A WAY OF CHANGING THE WORLD! I love the passion, the perseverance, the courage in this project, I wouldn’t be here if it wouldn’t be that way! I believe in this amazing program with my whole heart and every cell in my body!”

Christine Maldonado